Personal Image Building: Is it something superficial?
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Personal Image Building: A couple of days ago, I received an invitation to appear in an event. Also, analyze the politicians’ looks during the Message to the Nation. However, most of the comments after the program have been positive. Moreover, many want to discredit and undermine the importance of Image in developing our relationships.

I find it curious that there are still people who consider these topics to be frivolous and superficial. Many still believe that it is only about fashion or the clothes you wear. But, in reality, it is essential to know that Personal Image Building is much more than that. The decision to dress daily, for almost everyone, not only involves seeking to warm our body or cover it. If not, it is also a form of expression, which many times is not even conscious.  

Beyond fashion and if you like to follow trends, our self-image has a strong and direct impact on our state of mind. When I look good, I feel good—self-esteem increases, confidence, and security and, therefore, our well-being.

It is not just about our appearance but also about everything that involves our Image, although the physical or external subject is the fastest and easiest to identify. You dress how you feel. As I say, it is not always a very conscious decision, but in the end, it is a way of expressing who we are, what we want, and how we want to be seen and remembered by others. And we all, in one way or another, communicate it.

Personal Image Building: Dressing & Fashion

Think Steve Jobs, who always dressed the same. A turtleneck sweater, jeans, and sneakers, and you might think he did it to make life easier and comfortable. He had more reasons, the main one, because he considered that he would be strengthening his Brand in this way. And in fact, today we know that that “uniform” that he wore is definitely part of his brand. Also, that it is positioned in our mind completely.  

What I do agree is that we should not qualify people only by their clothing and with phrases such as the now-famous “it goes, or it doesn’t go,” because everything in this life is relative and the Image too since it depends on who, where and how.

Nor is it about pretending to be who you are not. Instead, using fashion as a communication tool helps us show our essence and style. We only have 7 seconds to hit, why not use it to our advantage.

It is also essential that we know that it is inevitable to project an image; everyone, absolutely everyone, has one in our personal and professional fields. Even those who say this is irrelevant or superficial are giving a message. Moreover, projecting an image to the world and themselves.

Personal Image & The Elegant Looks?

I am not one of the Image Consultants who think of unique and universal rules, nor that we all have to look elegant. However, I think this will depend directly on each individual, each situation, our goals, and how we want to feel about ourselves. I have always believed that our Image is an external representation of how we feel about ourselves inside.

Every day we will choose clothes to wear, whether or not you care about the subject of the Image. Every day we will go out into the world, and we will interact with others. Please do not confuse me; the Image is NOT the most important thing, but it is useless to focus on the rest (including us) are not going to notice it.

It is impossible for each person with whom we interact to a greater or lesser degree to have the possibility of knowing us in-depth, which is why it often becomes crucial, especially in first impressions, to manage a coherent image.

“Everything enters through the eye”

Everything enters through the eyes; it is something I always say in my talks and workshops. Not because we must “fit” some stereotype of perfection. For example, it happens with food. If they serve you a dish that looks and smells delicious, you will have no doubts about trying it.

However, if a delightful dish serving comes in front of you that doesn’t look good, you will probably reject it immediately. Neither of the two scenarios guarantees that the container tastes delicious, but the difference is that you will try and try in the first case, and in the second, the majority will indeed discard it. The same will happen to us.

For me, taking care of our Image, according to the moment and the occasion, is as important as taking care of various details. It talks about consideration, respect, the opportunity to impact and leave a mark, but above all. It talks about our self-esteem and self-worth, which will always be the most important of all opinions.

Now, this should not be a hindrance either, nor something very complicated, that is why knowing each other is essential. The Image that a 15-year-old can project with an adult of 40 is not the same. At 40, you know yourself better, learn better what you want and what you don’t, your personality is more defined, you already tried, you were wrong, and you have perhaps, more or less clear, where you are going.

So, the image matters, well yes, because it is part of who we are and a whole that is not indivisible. Personal image building is a most vital phenomenon of today’s public speaking. The speakers, now a days, pay special attention to their personal image building.