The Denim Jackets: How a working-class garment conquered the fashion?
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The denim jackets went from the American worker class to be a fetish of the Angelic elite. Became a sign of nonconformity of the protest movements and even a luxury piece.

Few garments get older with as much dignity as those made from denim. Take a look at the outfits Dolly Parton has worn since the 1960s to see.

Moreover, the queen of a country’s style is far from being a brand as massive or timeless. The jacket stands out for its durability and utility among all the denim garments, the halftime’s undisputed queen.

The Trucker Jacket, or trucker jacket, began its ascending career towards the Olympus of icons after World War II (1939-1945). However, its origin dates back to 1880, the year Levi’s house put the sale of the Levi’s Triple Pleat Blouse.

It was Type III, denim, with its characteristic of three pleats on each side of the central buttons. The buttons to promote movement, rivets in the pockets, and openings in the cuffs. It was not a lie, as the perfect companion for the first pants marketed the Type I, a decade earlier. That had caused a sensation among farmers, ranchers, railway engineers, and miners in the United States.

In the 50s, the less conventional or anti-establishment youths appropriated the denim jacket. Two decades later, no child from La Columbia escaped its benefits: comfortable, light, and combinable.

The Denim Jackets: Youth Vs Elite

Marilyn Monroe was his most prominent advocate until she died in 1962, both on and off-screen. In the collective memory remains the image shot by photographer Eve Arnold.

The image in which the unfortunate Californian actress blows a kiss during Rebel Lives’ filming in 1960. The jacket stands out for its corduroy collars, and it is practical since its birth. It was a modifier, especially during the rise of the punk movement in the 70s and 80s.

The youth of 2020 and on-wards are in love with denim jackets. The denim jackets make them feel stylish, no matter how old the trend is. Therefore, nobody can anticipate how far can the denim era can prevail. Moreover, the brands look conscious of denim jackets. It is because the youth does not look pleased.