Jessenia L Nieves – A Children’s Book Author Who Believes In Each Child’s Unique Distinctiveness
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Jessenia L Nieves is a self published children’s book author. She wrote her first children’s book out of the need to empower kid’s to be kind.

Jessenia L Nieves

As a school bus driver she saw how kids were being bullied and it inspired her to create stories that focus on different issues that deal with life lessons.

Jessenia tries to bring across a positive message through her stories that teach children how important it is for everyone to treat others with kindness, respect, and empathy. Her stories also teach kids to love themselves and to be proud of who they are.

Jessenia L Nieves

She has previously self-published four other children’s books. Her first book Jessie and the kindness beads now has a curriculum in the online award winning school CreativeOnes Digital Academy and is featured as one of the positive impact content books for children.

Jessenia L Nieves

Jessie and the kindness beads was also awarded the Readers Favorite 5 star seal for spreading a positive message through her first story.

Her goal is to write children’s books that teach life lessons while celebrating each child’s distinctiveness and journey.

Jessenia L Nieves is from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico and lives in Connecticut with her husband and children.

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