Sedef Selçuk – Get To Know This Beautiful Turkish Lawyer
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Sedef Selçuk is a lawyer by profession and she lives in Turkey. Sedef Selçuk Çelik also create podcasts which is very rare for the females in this profession.

Sedef Selçuk Çelik is a woman whose life-food is Success. As a result of every success she has achieved, she aim to serve something good, to make people and herself happy, and to produce something. 

Sedef Selçuk Çelik – Success can be a quantity, or it can be an idea, a feeling

In short, Sedef Selçuk Çelik has made it her philosophy to get up with a handful of soil from where she fell in her life. This philosophy has increased her productivity as well as her practical intelligence. 

Being able to manage chaos well is very important in Sedef Selçuk Çelik’s job. For this reason, in the event that came before her, it may not be enough to set out only with the available evidence, sometimes the sentence you use to win, the question you ask can be more important than the ones you have. 

When Sedef set out with this philosophy, she saw that she was more productive and more successful. As mentioned at the beginning, it has been a very good way for Sedef’s goals in life.

“I Always Wanted To Become A Psychologist Since I Was Very Young” – Sedef Selçuk Çelik

Sedef Selçuk Çelik’s dream has been to become a psychologist since she was young. This dream continued after she graduated from law school. However, when Sedef got into business, she realized that there is a psychological process at the root of every case, and this is called “chaos” in professional language. 

Now, in this infrastructure that Ms. Sedef have established, she first prepare her clients, who consult her, for the psychological process of the trial, and thus she manage this process in a healthier way from both sides. Every time Sedef win a client with this method, she feel that her family grows more than her job.

Ms. Sedef completed her graduate education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Capital Markets Specialization. This area is considered quite specific and outside the law. Because, as lawyers, they evaluate many cases based on evidence. 

The cloud system has not yet found its place in the law. Sedef needed this training in order to learn to think about the money market and assumptions based on her own deficit. Today, thanks to the knowledge and experience she has learned from her graduate education, she can offer a more open-minded consultancy to her client companies. 

This training broadened Sedef’s perspective and allowed her to provide consultancy services to her clients in their projects besides the law.

Sedef has difficulty in answering the question of the area that she enjoy, it seems like if she specified one area, she would have shamed the other area. Therefore, Sedef’s answer this question as I enjoy all areas of law. 

Although it seems impossible, Sedef see that the training she has received in every case works. She strongly recommend her new colleagues to take extra training, if necessary, in every area they are curious about, not just what they love.

Sedef share the same office with her spouse Çağrı Çelik

Sedef is in the 13th year of her profession. She was in the same office with Çağrı Çelik. According to Sedef, they haven’t had any problems so far. Just like doctors, client privacy is very important to them, every client sees them both in the office, but they each serve their clients. 

So she know they haven’t seen each other in the same office for days. As long as you determine your place in the process correctly and work within the framework of mutual respect, there will be no problems. Although Sedef and Çağrı do not carry work to the house in principle, they both support each other by exchanging ideas in some cases.

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