We caught up with this amazing entrepreneur Asta Jakubson recently which proves that you don’t have to come from riches to become successful!
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Asta Jakubson is a wonderful and talented fashion designer and business woman from Ireland. TheCelebrity.Online has recently talked to her about her journey in the fashion world.

Tell us a little bit about how it all began for you Asta?

“When I remember how I started with only €200 in my pocket & now being invited to dress celebrities on the red carpet at the Cannes/ Venice/Irish Film  festivals & being given an award for best international speaker in Paris!! It fills me with such an amazing feeling of achievement!!!

I remember so well how hard it was being a single Mum with a big dream & afraid to think that one day they would become a reality!

Even with all my ups & downs in life, I always dreamed big & I still do!!

Do you feel like that? You have an amazing dream but you can’t see it ever becoming a reality? For me, I really believed & followed my wish board as I knew in my heart that it would work & it’s all come true!!  My dream is now a reality. So many laughed at my wish board & didn’t believe I could make them happen but now I’m the one who is laughing!! As I’m basically living my dreams”

You believe that your dreams can come true Asta Jakubson?

 “Do you ever look around & feel like others don’t understand your dreams but believe me, one day YOU will be the one who is laughing..

Now while sewing this beautiful dress for an amazing actress for the red carpet, I want to share how I got to where I am & give you my secret formula”



Ms. Asta Jakubson, with such a huge amount of success, do you have any tips that you would like to share?

*Tip 1Turn off your TV & stop listening to the news!

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*Tip 2Surround yourself with positive people!

If you are in the company of people who always see the best side in every situation it becomes contagious, you can’t help it, you feel their enthusiasm & it makes you want to be the same. Remember it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! You can bounce your ideas off them & who knows they could be able to help you to achieve them too, with their input only positive outcomes will happen! You can also be part of our positive community by joining the group below.

*Tip 3 – Follow the Wish Board

 It is scientifically proven that 87% of people who follow a wish board on a daily basis plan their goals everyday & achieve them!! So let’s make that wish board so you know exactly where you are going!!!

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We are so happy for you, what a pleasure chatting with you!!

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