Sharon Tirado Exclusive Interview – ‘Figure out who you are, that’s the only way you can truly be yourself’
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Sharon Tirado was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with Ms. Sharon.

Sharon Tirado As Cover Story Interview Feature – TheCelebrity.Online March 2023 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

Sharon Tirado: Hello, I’m Sharon Tirado but I go by my stage name Libby Alien. I’m an entrepreneur, poet, psychic, erotica author, and content creator. I do other things too but these are the main ones.

I got into all of this by chance. This all started when I went back to school in 2020 for my master’s, during Covid and 4 months into the program I quit my 9-5 job. I got back into my poetry and started a spiritual journey.

I have always been spiritually inclined and in 2021 I caved in and bought a tarot deck. Turns out I was a natural at divination. As I got better I saw how I could help a lot of people doing this.

I became an Erotica author in Jan 2023 and my stories are available on Apple and Google Play Books.

I create content across most social media platforms. From spoken word poetry to tarot readings to my private story on Snapchat.

How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things do you remember?

Sharon Tirado: As I child I was much like Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. I was an honor roll student. I got a plaque with my name on it at the JK Tarbox school in Lawrence, MA. This was given to me because I excelled a lot in my academics. Practically a teacher’s pet.

When I got to Florida I became a preteen and started to rebel. I went to summer school for the first time after completing 6th grade. I was skipping classes and being a wild child. The move to Florida took me a while to get used to.

When I was finishing High school I had put the rebellious ways behind me and focused on what would happen now. It was a no-brainer that college was next. I ended up at Seminole state college first and spent 2.5 years getting my associate’s in business communications. Then I transferred to UCF to complete my Bachelor’s. I majored in Human Communication and my Minor was Crime Law Deviance.

Human Communication is the science of how we interacted with each other using verbal and nonverbal language. With Crime Law Deviance I learned about how your environment and other occurrences, like trauma, can affect the outcome of your life. (i.e. Turn a regular person into a criminal.)

I then pursued my master’s at Full Sail University and studied Entertainment Business.

I am not married and I don’t have kids. I devoted my life to my education because I really wanted to get out of poverty. My desire is to overcome financial oppression for myself and my parents. They may not be perfect but they’ve given me their all. As they get older, I want to be in a position where I can give back.

I am creating a life for myself where I am free to express myself in many mediums.

Struggle – What hardships have you faced during your life?

Sharon Tirado: I went through a lot growing up. I was very sheltered. I come from a strict household. My parents were very protective, disciplined, and traditional. I was not allowed to go outside until I moved to Florida. I lived in poverty, I wore hand-me-downs that I altered myself sometimes.

I was definitely bullied because I was socially awkward and weird. I make vivid expressions with my face when I speak and sometimes I trip over my words or stutter.

I spent a lot of time alone even though I had siblings and was always around my family. I never felt like anyone understood me or like I had a voice growing up.

I have had my fair share of heartbreaks. Whether it came from friendships or boyfriends. It wasn’t something I had control over. I just stopped trying for a long time.

I have also faced a great deal of discrimination. Whether that was for being Hispanic, fat, or a woman, it seemed like I could never win.

I never let any of this take me away from my path. I may have taken a few breaks to heal my wounds but I always kept going because I really wanted to get out of the situation and not feel terrible anymore.

What things people usually do not know about you?

Sharon Tirado: Autism — Mental Health Advocate

In July 2022 I found out I was on the autism spectrum. I have always had my suspicions but research wasn’t as developed for diagnosing autism in women when I was younger and I was just labeled as quirky and gifted. These labels weren’t bad at all. I was able to maneuver through 27 years of my life without knowing. As Dhar Mann says, “It isn’t a disability, it’s a different ability.”

I am still learning so much every day about my ticks and acknowledging all my quirks. As you get older you just learn how to cope and deal with masking and overstimulation.

For the most part, I have created a life where I could virtually conduct business and create content. I am a homebody and I value protecting my energy.

What make you unique from your competitors in the industry and life?

Sharon Tirado: God… if God is for you, who can be against you? I found favor with God. I also picked up a bible in March 2020 and I’ve been reading the Bible daily ever since. I currently have a 151-week streak on the You Version Bible app! A current daily streak of 688 days. There was a mishap on 4/20 in 2021. I didn’t know back then that I could reach out to the app as we do on Snapchat when we lose a streak. I didn’t lose my weekly streak so that’s been going on for almost 3 years.

Reading the Bible has helped me change the way I speak to myself. I feel like I really became anew when I allowed God to take the wheel. My belief and alliance with God make me so unique. When I feel like things are too much I lean on God and he keeps me going.

What are your major upcoming events?

Sharon Tirado: I am working on my first poetry book called the 1st testament. This book will be featuring original works of art by artists from all over the USA and the World. I’m currently at the part where I’m recruiting digital artists. There will be 11 collections of Original Poems that I wrote during the first part of my spiritual journey. The whole book will have 184 poems. I am looking for 22 artists to work with! Spots are limited so I urge people to reach out and express interest.

I am also finalizing my first erotica series called True Sex Dimes. This will be published and available this April 2023!

I am just about done with a 6-month horoscope project that I produced for my Tarot page on TikTok. I provided readings for all zodiac signs for 6 months. The readings were focused on romance, abundance, and self-care. This was done in an effort to grow the page and attract more clients.

Here are some stats I collected:

(From October 2022 to March 2023 I made a total of 144 videos and these are all the numbers added up.)

  • Total views — 35,301 Total likes — 1,400 Total comments — 53 Total shares — 276 Total saves — 379
  • Most popular signs (Top 3)— Virgo, Scorpio, & Leo
  • Least popular signs (Top 3) — Taurus, Capricorn, & Gemini

What are your diet preference and physical measurements?

Sharon Tirado: I like to do intermediate fasting. I do the one that I eat in a window of 8 hours and I fast for 16. I normally skip breakfast and just eat lunch and dinner with snacks throughout the day. Water is bae.

I have been working out 3 times a week for over a year. I’ve been doing yoga for over 2 years. It helps my mental health so much. I sleep better, I’m more energized and I have a positive outlook on life.

I prefer to be plus size. I have always struggled with my weight and have had body image issues for as long as I can remember. Now that I am older I am loving myself more. I aim to be healthy, not skinny. I am not missing out on anything that life has to offer just because I’m overweight. Well, maybe just theme park rides but I’m okay with that. lol.

What expert advice would you like to share?

Sharon Tirado: Figure out who you are, that’s the only way you can truly be yourself. They tell you to be yourself but if you don’t know what that is or what it looks like, you’ll crumble against the first critique you receive. Knowing yourself means you know why you did what you did and nothing can make you ashamed or question your reasoning.

Know your worth. This comes from knowing yourself. When you know your worth you will easily walk away from situations that don’t serve your highest purpose.

Step out of your comfort zone and take risks. You really never know what might happen or who is paying attention.