Lisa Hunt Exclusive Interview – ‘If You Have A Dream Never Give It Up Without Trying, Without A Fight’
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Lisa Hunt was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Lisa Hunt As Cover Story – October 2023 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

Hi, My name is Lisa Hunt.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember?

The transition was a very difficult time for me. I really never took well to change very well anyway. I struggle with abandonment issues from my childhood and I really didn’t want to leave home. I ended up going to a Christian college in another state and it was a very stressful time for me. I missed my adopted family a lot.

The bads are I ended up being raped by a man in a bar in between semesters on my 21st birthday. I ended up losing my first ever boyfriend because his mom and dad catfished me and ended up forcing us to break up. Because of my break up, I lost my job because I couldn’t focus and concentrate. It was very stressful. I also was kicked out of college due to the fact I was suicidal at that time because of all that was going on. They wouldn’t even try to work with me. I ended up in a mental institution and then shunned away, went homeless living where I could for a month or two and a friend helped me to get home. Trying times but they made me stronger, that’s for sure. 

The goods are I had multiple love affairs and that was a magical time for me. I loved so strong and trusted blindly in those years. My heart was over joyed and every experience was so new and adventurous. I met my biological sister after my first semester of college and we connected so strongly! I adapted to that well and learned so much about myself and my birth family that I never knew before. It was like I got two families and that made me feel so special. Both families are important to me now and always wether we have our own inner problems or not. I think all families do. But it’s an in house thing, the intricacies that make us family and the tie that binds us together both good and bad.

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

This really could be a novel, sadly. I have definitely overcome adversity. I was abused since I was an infant, pimped out by my mother who allowed a Reverend to basically be my pimp. I was dressed in sexually explicit clothes and my birth mom taught me to pose! I learned adult things and slept with my birth mom and her male friends hearing them and smelling them all night. I learned adult behaviors and mimicked them in my childhood! It was hard unlearning it. Because of my childhood, I also have dissociative identity disorder. I have different parts that make it difficult to maneuver through my adult years. I still feel like a child at times because a part of my psyche is stuck there. I also believe that I have an identical twin sister. My aunt took all my baby pictures that would be my evidence to prove this theory. I hope to one day get them back so I can prove it and find her.

I believe I am part of a government experiment for twins. It’s why I have been watched by the system most of my life. So many times they could have taken me away from my mother for abuse and neglect but they left me their for 41/2 Years. I believe they took my twin sister away the year we put our main molester in jail in 1983 where he stayed for 3 years. Sadly he got out in 1986 when he molested me again and that time they finally took me away. I couldn’t press charges again because he already got put in jail for us in 1983. They made him walk away and finally took me away. But I lost my sister and all those years and I was taken from my birth mom. This was the start of my abandonment issues. It’s why I have PTSD and dissociative identity disorder and have struggled a lot in my life. I have gone through therapy since I was 5 years old, on and off, again in my teen years after my biological brother who also was also adopted with me died in 1995.  I was only 13 at that time and just transitioning into my teen years. I also was bullied very badly. It began in 5th grade. I got bigger outwardly in that year but didn’t get any taller so I was overweight for my age and height. I was teased a lot and this one boy in our grade school would step on my feet. No boys liked me in 4th or 5th grade. It made me extremely self conscious. And of course my siblings would make fun sometimes. It’s just something that happens so my brothers teased me and it made me not want to eat food. 

I started in 6th grade lightly by just skipping dessert. Then I joined swim team and ultimately I starved myself, ate as little as possible and lost so so much weight by 7th grade, I looked like a different person. I started at like 135 lbs for a kid under 5 feet. Probably 4’9 or 4’10  and got down to 85 lbs wet before I realized i did have a problem. My adopted mom was getting ready to have me committed to a mental institute with tubes down my throat. It was very dark. It was also the time I started my suicidal ideation and attempts. The first one time was not long after my brothers death. To date, it has been my most extreme attempt. I really wanted to die. My temperature was about 104.5 and I was hallucinating. That whole experience is a story on its own. 

Apart from childhood experiences, I think in my adult years, I have been homeless countless times, in multiple car accidents with my husband, some pretty severe. I have had medical issues which have limited me from joining the military sadly. I pass out and have vertigo, heart issues and severe anemia where I have needed blood transfusions. I have had covid 3 times and have had heart surgery in my twenties and knee surgery about a year ago. I have also been raped in my older adult years and harassed on social media. I am constantly having to watch my accounts because people in my past who have become obsessed stalk and hack my social media platforms all the time. I have lost countless accounts because they were reported and terminated! I don’t know who they are 100% but I know it’s personal. I am always worried one day I will be kidnapped and held by a sex craved lunatic in a basement somewhere and no one will be able to find me. It’s why I worry about what I post but I won’t stop for anyone! It’s my freedom to post as I like and if my freedom is stifled, what’s the point?! That’s how I see life and living life to my fullest potential whether stalked and bullied or not. Theirs a lot more to my story but that’s the meat of it. I’ve dealt with abusers, liars, theives and the crudpot of society all my existence. I’m ready for the silver lining to appear and carry me away to my happily ever after place, someplace over the rainbow.

What do people usually not know about you?

That I have an identical twin sister and we both have a crazy side. Also, I have a sexual account on a website called xvideos. It’s where I allow my crazy part/alter to have her fun & she loves it. I also have onlyfans. And I love being an exhibitionist! It’s my own secret fetish. I also love cosplay and dulling up. It’s a passion that I can never give up and what makes me excited just to be alive even when I’ve gone through hell and back! That spark is what so many seek to touch even once and can’t, it’s something I can’t let go of.

What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry and in life?

I guess the fact I have kept going when most people in my life including family have doubted me and felt I was never going to get there! My adopted mom believes in me but most of my family thinks I’m crazy to keep trying! I guess they felt LA would swallow me up alive. In part they’re right. It almost did. My husband and I struggled for a little over a year in LA before finally finding a place to call home. It’s not in the safest place but it beats the car. It’s a place! We’re able to start doing what we’re here to do now and get jobs and gigs! I love working and I have never let My dream or vision die, Ever! My motivation and momentum is my secret weapon! I don’t quit, maybe I don’t know what the word even means. 

What are your upcoming major events?

A Halloween party, updated Headshots, Getting an Agent, searching for my twin sister and getting someone to help me find her! I am also having some really fun gigs coming up already but I can’t talk about them. One I can say is a zombie movie. I’m gonna be a sexy zombie! It’s gonna be super fun!

What are your food preferences and physical attributes?

I prefer fish and Italian. I am lactose intolerant and I love love love dark chocolate and lactaid ice cream. I only have it very restrictively for a special holiday treat (shh, don’t tell), like birthday parties or Christmas, my favorite season btw. Cookies n cream and cookie dough are my favorite flavors.

I am petite frame, very short at only 5 feet. I have freckles and am have a bigger chest with smaller arms, legs and hips than average. I love to roleplay that I am a giantess but physically I’m not a giant lol. I do wear glasses when I need to as I have astigmatism in my eyes. Glasses help my vision. Hopefully one day I will get surgery.

Your love life, relationships and family?

Past relationships have been pretty sketchy. I call them crushes now because I was so young and none of them made it through. I always had a crush growing up, almost someone I idealized and thought my life would be great if he was my boyfriend or we were married. Like my adopted mom used to tell me I was love with the idea of love. Since my marriage, I have learned the highs and lows that a real marriage brings into your life. One minute he’s your Prince Charming and the next he’s the devil. He probably feels exactly the same. That’s literally marriage and I’ve been married for 14 years and counting. We met at the mall when I was getting past my ex. He consoled my tears. We’ve been through the highs and lows that test a relationship for years and the rest is history. We’ve had good experiences and bad. My favorite thing we do is spur of the moments where it’s just us on the open road. I also love when we used to have deep chats late at night before sleep, cuddle time and wink spiders where we wink each other’s noses just to show we still care. We say things we don’t mean sometimes but when we’re connected it just feels right and their are parts of him that makes me feel safe. We never had kids. I used to want kids but I would never have wanted them to struggle through the life we’ve had so I’m glad we didn’t. I just wish he had been able to be a dad. Not sure I would have made a good mom though. I’m better as Auntie cause I can spoil them as my nieces and nephews, play with them and tell them fun stories! I’m that fun Auntie. I will say that is my truth.

What expert advice would you like to give?

I would say if you have a dream never give it up without trying, without a fight. People will always tell you that you can’t do something but you’ll never know if you don’t try. So try! Try it so long that you lose heart. After you lose that heart and passion, keep trying for a year and if you still don’t have any kind of feelings left for your dream, then it’s probably dead! If any point though you have even a spark, then keep at it cause that’s your destiny. Living with fire is my favorite way to live! I have highs and lows with my dreams buy I keep going because if I don’t I know I will die inside! Then life will truly be dead to me! I live for my passion and I love doing what I do! The key to keep on going is to live what makes you want to get up and get going even when it’s 5 am and you have that early call time. If I didn’t love it, I would easily quit but this is what I was made to be. Live Your own Purpose and you will spark other’s flames to do the same! If we ignite each other up, imagine all we can do and how amazing this world could be!!

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