Dr. Cortecia Boyd Exclusive Interview – ‘You Must Make Yourself A Priority’
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Dr. Cortecia Boyd was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Dr. Cortecia Boyd As Exclusive Cover Story – June 2023

How do you introduce yourself?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: Greetings! My name is Dr. Cortecia Boyd, and my life’s mission and passion are to help others WIN in life. I am an inspiring author, motivational speaker, consultant and have a passion for maximizing and helping others fulfill their own dreams!

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: Growing up, I knew early on that I enjoyed leading others and all the kids in my neighborhood would come over to my house and I would be speaking as though I was at a conference. My mother was a strong force in our family and always believed in me and shared with me daily that I could do anything I set my mind to do. It is that sense of support that motivated me to always strive to do my best. As a child I had what mattered most and that was love and family support. Some of my best memories was family time and traveling during the summer months. Knowing where I came from, and my family roots keeps me grounded.

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: I believe that struggles and hardships make you better. Some of the most difficult times in my life has caused me to see what the situation did for me as a person as I have grown into adulthood. I strived to excel in everything I set out to do but realized early on that not all people want to see you win. However, I learned no matter what to stay focused and persevere forward.

What do people usually not know about you?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: I worked at a modeling agency and recruited new top talent.

What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry and in life?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: I am a lover of people; I love to see other people WIN in their purposeful passions. I look to help others identify with what they were created to do in life, and it fulfills me when others are pursuing their purpose in a meaningful way.

What are your upcoming major events – Unforgettable Moments or products/services that you want to promote/inform?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: I recently launched my life coaching business Empowering You for Life, LLC, which exists to empower others to live their best life now leading to impactful holistic well-being. The vision of Empowering YOU for life empowers others by providing professional holistic coaching that results in living YOUR best life now.

I help individuals with goal setting, overcoming obstacles, developing action plans, career changes and provide holistic coaching. The goal is to help individuals shift from surviving to thriving! Book consultations on www.empoweringyou4life.com .

What are your food preferences and physical attributes?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: Not Answered.

Your love life, relationships, and family?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: Happily married for over 20 years and have a beautiful daughter.

What expert advice would you like to give?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd: You must make yourself a priority and invest in yourself holistically (Mind, Body, and Spirit). Be intentional about your well-being so you can pursue your divine passion with action and meaningful purpose. In order to pour into others, you must be able to show up as the best version of YOU.

Your social media handles and website links?

Dr. Cortecia Boyd:

Website: www.empoweringyou4life.com
Email: dr****@em****************.com

Instagram: @DrCorteciaBoyd
Facebook: @empoweringyouforlifellc
LinkedIn: @DrBoydEmpowers