Read This Before You Buy A Yorker Puppy
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Yorker puppies are tiny toy dogs, highly prized due to their regal personality traits. Yorkshire Terrier puppies have a huge fan base in the United States due to their love bonding with their owner, their sassy appearance, and their ability to thrive in an urban environment.
Yorkshire terrier breed has an interesting origin. They were originated in 1800 in the English county of Yorkshire. Initially, they were bred to be tough, not sweet to catch rodents in textile mills and mines.

If you are considering getting a yorker puppy, read this before you buy one.

Yorker puppies are adorable

Yorkshire terrier is one of the cutest and adorable dog breeds. These little balls of energy with Rapunzel-like hair and so full of itself attitude will steal your whole heart. When you take it out for a walk be ready for people to turn their heads just to see your Yorkie.

Yorker puppies do not smell

If you are a human being (we will go with that assumption for now) then you probably can’t help but cannot stand the bad odor. Unlike some other pets, Yorkies don’t smell and do not shed a lot which makes them super human-friendly.

Yorkies are small and portable

Most Yorkshire terriers weigh no more than 7 pounds and can grow to a height of 7-8 inches. It is easy to carry them around. You can even plan on flying with your Yorkie on a family vacation because they can easily fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you

They are tiny but fierce

Yorkshire Terrier breed is spunky and full of itself. Yorkies are sometimes bold and bossy and want to be the center of attention.

Yorkies are expensive to buy

A Yorkie is purebred. It’s also considered as royal breed and so is expensive to buy

Health needs

Yorkies cannot thrive in wet and cold weather and are prone to skin allergies. Injury is quite common in toy dogs like Yorkies. Before you get a Yorkie checkout for eye issues and dislocated kneecaps.

Require a lot of maintenance

Yorkies have beautiful coats sports human-like hair rather than fur and so require a lot of maintenance. It needs to be brushed daily and washed and trimmed as needed. without trimming a Yorkie’s hair can grow longer than 2 feet.

They cost less to feed

They have a small appetite. Unlike larger breeds, Yorker puppies need to be fed small, frequent meals. A bag of dog food tends to last very long

Yorkies make great companion dogs

They are affectionate with their humans and are happiest in your lap. Yorkies are lively and loyal companions. A Yorkshire terrier is highly possessive of its owner. Some Yorkies can even be jealous and overprotective of their owner.
However, because of their terrier heritage, they often get suspicious of strange sounds, people, and pets


Yorkies enjoy learning new things but when it comes to their training, patience is the name of the game. Because they like to please their owner, using positive reinforcement techniques and rewarding your Yorkie with praise, affection and treats can do wonders. . They can also act as a watchdog if needed. you can learn more here

Life Span

Yorkshire terrier puppies can live up to 11-15 years.

Buying Yorkshire terrier breeder

You can buy your future furry family member from a breeder or a puppy mill. Surprisingly enough adopting a Yorkie puppy is also possible. However, if you are willing to adopt you are more likely to find more adults than puppies.
Yorkshire terrier puppies make great pets. However, when buying a Yorkie, you should know you’re making a time commitment of 10-15 years. Make sure you are ready to train it, spend on veterinary care, time, affection, and PATIENCE.