Vittoria Buondonno Exclusive Interview – ‘Don’t Try To Be Somebody Else, This Can Be The Beginning Of Failure’
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Vittoria Buondonno is a beauty expert, influencer, mum and a wife. She has two children, two teenagers, now 19, and 17 years old. Vittoria is married since 13 years, but she know her husband since over 25 years. Vittoria Boundonno is determinate, but humble at the same time. She think that being grateful for good things happening, brings always more goodness. Since the beginning Vittoria has always been a sales and marketing manager in the family companies.

She opened her Instagram profile just for curiosity in March 2019, because she wanted to understand and go deeply into things. She started just as a motivational profile. Some photos, some positive indications, but it was just something done to support other people with positive vibes.

Vittoria Buondonno As Cover Interview Celebrity – TheCelebrity.Online January 2023 Edition

Childhood and Adulthood How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things you remember?

Vittoria Buondonno: For me that transition meant knowledge. My parents were not rich, I would say the contrary, but they always tried to hide this thing, even if it was not possible. So, my main concern was to study and achieve something more in life, not only because of money. I didn’t want to carry out the same life of my parents. They were living for me and my brother and they could have nothing else from life.

I remember the first days in my high school. I saw everybody more prepared, more intelligent. It seemed to me like I was a fish out of water. I was very shy too and this did not help me at first. But after a few weeks I understood that I could do much more and this, from one side brought me to become the top of my school, but at the same time this removed all my classmates, and the last year was very hard because of this. I was much more adult than my age.

Well, I can also say that I started, once again as a joke, dancing salsa and in a short time I had my dance group and we were travelling all around my region, in theatres, discotheques, for making shows and teaching.

Struggle – What hardships you faced during your life?
Vittoria Buondonno: The failure of the family companies (companies of my husband and of my brother-in-law) was one of the worst things for me. And this is something I still cannot forget. Somewhere in my soul still says that I was not born to win. And I am still trying to clarify this situation in my subconscious. One serious illness about 13 years ago, but everything went to the good direction. One serious problem during my daughter birth, but once again we have been luckily, and I am grateful to life for this.

Things that people usually don’t know about you?
Vittoria Buondonno: First hat I have been a professional dancer for about 7 years. I had to stop for my pregnancy and then I did not have time to start again. Secondly, that I currently speak four languages, further to Italian. I always thought that the knowledge of languages could bring me wherever I wanted. And this is what I am teaching to my children. Third, I am 53 years old. I do not smile often and when a smile it is really my soul smiling.

What make you unique from your competitors in the industry and life?
Vittoria Buondonno: My commitment. I try to help others first and consequently I get results. I am always ready to find a solution for everybody, even when I do have not enough time for myself. But this brings great results both with my job and in life.
I never think to what I can gain. I help and that’s all. I strongly believe that we all must get the same possibilities, as when we were born, we all had many (if not all) skills.
Furthermore, if I don’t know something, I go back and study, because if I have not the correct competences, I cannot help others and myself.

What are the major Upcoming events & Unforgettable Moments or product/services that you want to promote/inform our readers about?
Vittoria Buondonno: During the month of June 2022, I have been contacted by @italyambassadorawards, because they were organizing the first Italian awards for Influencer and bloggers.

It was divided into five categories, Fashion, Travel, Luxury lifestyle, Food&Wine and Beauty&SPA. They chose me to participate for the category Beauty&SPA. I accepted, just because I am convinced that we must catch the opportunities always. I had to realize contents on sustainability in the industry of beauty.

At the end of September I got the notice that I was one of the 75 semi-finalists and that I was invited and the award ceremony on the 29th of November 2022 in Florence.
Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect anything, but this was the occasion to know personally some people that I knew just on the social and with the benefit of the hindsight, this has already been a victory for me. We created wonderful friend-relationships.

I didn’t expect to win the first prize in my category, but it happened, and I was so astonished, but so thankful for that.
This for me has been another starting point to make better and better. I have still to grow and to better things I do, but this was already an enormous satisfaction, considering my age.

What are your diet preferences, physical appearance, size, and measurements?
Vittoria Buondonno: I try to follow a Mediterranean diet, a healthy lifestyle, which is what I always suggest to my followers. I assume some natural integrations, as in our times, not everything is available with foods. I am a normal Italian woman. I do not think that size or measurements can be important in life. I am just proud of the fact that for now I still do not have wrinkles. But I know they will come and I will still be proud of that.

What Expert advice would you like to share with the readers about professional and social field of like?
Vittoria Buondonno: Try to be always true! Try to be always yourself. You are unique as you are, and people follows you because of this. Don’t try to be somebody else, this can be the beginning of failure. Be proud of yourself and of the steps forward you do every day. Sometimes you don’t see them, but they are real.

It is not important the number of followers you have on the social, but the way they trust you. This is what I always do, and I see that people appreciates my job. Everybody can be an influencer, if they start with a true, serious profile, but remember, this is a real profession.

What are your social media links?
Vittoria Buondonno: For Instagram you can find me with the nickname @vittoria.buondonno – https://instagram.com/vittoria.buondonno
For Facebook the nickname is @vic.buondonno – https://facebook.com/vic.buondonno
I have also a Facebook fanpage called Nutrirsi dei Colori della Vita
And I just started on TikTok, as I want to be updated also on that. The link is

And soon I will be opening my blog: https://www.noblogplease.com where I will talk to women over 40, trying to giving suggestions on many important parts of life.