Steven Ham Exclusive Interview – ‘Dream Big, And Always Keep Reaching For The Stars!’
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Steven Ham was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

Steven Ham As Cover Story – March 2024 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

I introduce myself by being me… Wow! How to answer this question?  I would say by being optimistic, well mannered, and confident.  I try to break the ice by joking to ease the tension and introduce myself in a fun way out of the norms.

Childhood to Adulthood 

The transition from childhood to adulthood is the process of developing the ability to adapt and grow intellectually.  I had a great childhood with its ups and downs like anyone, but my father made it funner with his outgoing personality.  I remember him waking me up just to hear me play drums.  I was always encouraged to do things I love and have passions  for at an early age by my Mother and Father.  

Now that I’m an adult; I live by the morals and values that were taught to me from an early age.  I like to think of my endeavors have been made possible because of my family always encouraging me to follow my dreams.  Adulthood has taught me that the chances you don’t take are the regrets you have in the future.

Dream big and never stop chasing the stars! ✨ My Father would wake me up in the middle of the night just to hear me play drums.  I love the fact that he was there for me even though it may not have been the best time because I was asleep, but I am lucky to have had a loving and caring Dad!  My Father passed away of cancer in 2015, but he always wanted to see his family happy no matter where it would take us in life.  I’m just trying to carry on the torch he handed me by keeping people laughing and forgetting about life’s troubles.


I have struggled in many ways in life financially and emotionally but I will not let it define who I want to be.  

I’ve been to war, I’ve seen family and friends leave this Earth way too soon.  I’ve experienced loss and heartache.  I’ve chased many empty hopes and dreams, but we can’t let the past define us.  We are here for a short while, so let’s make it a better place then when we found it.

What do people usually not know about you?

People usually don’t know that I am artistic.  I used to draw all the time in my childhood to young adulthood.  I was part of the art club in High School.  I won the spelling bee in sixth grade.  I own comic books.  There are a lot of things I can write here but it’s obvious I’m a huge nerd!

What sets me apart from competitors in the industry and life?

I think what sets me apart from others is the fact I can be direct and honest and embellish the fact that people accept me for myself.  I try to be transparent with others and I tend to be very altruistic in nature.  I don’t look at people as competitors, as we all have a drive and passion for what we love to do.  I like to think that we can complement each others abilities and talents by being different and by working  together if needed on similar projects.  Life can be looked at in the same lens!  We all are all different, but we are all unique in our own ways.  This means that we all bring something to the table that will make us more productive.

What are my Upcoming Major Events?

I will be discussing various current and future projects in the coming months.  Keep a look out for Micky Soler’s “Original Magazine” as it will shine with various artists across the globe with gossip, news, fashion, and interesting interviews.

What are my food preferences? 

I love all kinds of food that are delicious but i would say that I do have a strong desire for Asian Cuisine as my preferred preference.

My love life, relationships, and family.

My love life is not existent, as I’ve been divorced and have been single.  My relationships and family are one and the same.  We hold each other dear and have an abundance of love we share continuously.  I am blessed to be surrounded by many who can openly express themselves and be supportive.

What expert advice would I like to give?

I’m no expert by any means. But I will say that we are all on our own journey and discovering what works best for each of us.  Dream big, and always keep reaching for the stars!

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