Stephen Piazza New Single “Washed Away”
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Christian musician and recording artist Stephen Piazza draws inspiration from his previously toxic and painful lifestyle that came to a head during a near-death experience in 2020. Now, he is a devout Christian who surrendered himself to his faith and was changed into a new man. This transformation is the cornerstone of Piazza’s thus far emerging music career.

Opening with some atmospheric synth notes, Washed Away starts softly, but this doesn’t last. The song picks up quickly with a fast-paced drum beat and a tasteful and triumphant harmony of notes. The first verse then begins.

The first two lines of the lyrics, “I won’t waste my time anymore, hiding in the bottom of a bottle,” along with the rest of the well-written and delivered first verse, give the meaning of the track away instantly. The song is about addiction and sin, and Stephen Piazza has given up this lifestyle for a healthier and more balanced life.

The delicate and gentle piano notes and passionate first verse with plenty of meaning give way to a heavier and faster chorus. The chorus incorporates the same hasty drums as the beginning of the track, melodic hums, and a victory chant about Piazza’s sins having been ‘washed away.’

The second verse again reiterates the song’s meaning but emphasizes his spirituality and reliance on God. It has a healthy amount of parallels with the first verse, giving a feeling of having heard an enhanced version of the first verse for a second time.

The chorus then hits hard and heavy again, delivers the same triumphant emotion as the first one, and offers the same catchy sing-a-long worthy phrases.

The track’s final verse keeps the fast-paced instrumentals to go along, summarizing his 180-degree turn in lifestyle and reiterating his love for God. This verse leads into the final chorus, which is the first to be significantly different. The main difference is that Stephen adds a few repeated parts as echoes and others as fully repeated phrases.

The overall emotional nature of the song is immense and immersive. It’s a spiritual yet light-hearted triumph over addictions, sins, and poor lifestyle choices. It’s a genuinely touching track that nearly anybody can relate to in some way, whether they’ve experienced or overcome addiction or been ‘saved’ by their religion. It’s an expressive and deep song that doesn’t make the listener feel the negative emotions involved with his struggle but the positive ones he got from overcoming it.

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