Asmae El Moudni Exclusive Interview – ‘Stay true to yourself and stick to your dreams’
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Asmae El Moudni was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with Ms. Asmae.

How do you introduce yourself?

Asmae El Moudni: Like all moroccan people I’ve always been a foodie, so I was fond of nutrition and food composition. Working now as a dietician is clearly what suits me best and I love doing it.

How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things do you remember?

Asmae El Moudni: I can say that I had a very normal childhood overall but what stood out to me the most was the transformation that any teenager goes through; the physical evolution, the weight fluctuation and the mental changes. Becoming a women was a real challenge. Adulthood comes with responsibility and I had a hard time at first. I made some wrong decisions, but as I always say: It’s never too late to start again. This life roller coaster made me realize that is important to always stay positive, consistant and persistant, and that’s the good thing about it.

Struggle – What hardships have you faced during your life?

Asmae El Moudni: My biggest struggle in life was making big decisions. The fear of failure and disappointment were the catalyst of my indecisiveness. Thankfully, by time passing, I managed to overcome this fear by being optimistic and gathering the right informations for making a good decision.

What things people usually do not know about you?

Asmae El Moudni: I am a very good dancer. The latino culture has always impressed me so I love dancing Cha Cha and Bachata.

What make you unique from your competitors in the industry and life?

Asmae El Moudni: I have a very diplomatic mindset; every person is unique, has their own path in life and their own way of doing things. I consider that I have no competitors in this industry and hope the best for everyone.

What are your major upcoming events?

Asmae El Moudni: I am currently doing a specialization in Sports Nutrition for professional athletes and it’s something I have always been passionate about. Also, a project combining these two fi elds is in progress. Will tell you about it soon.

What are your diet preference and physical measurements?

Asmae El M.: I am on a Mediterranean diet which includes lots of healthy foods. Rich in fruits, vegetables, seafood, whole grains and many other superfoods, it improves health and protects against chronic diseases. Always remember, balance is the key.

What expert advice would you like to share?

Asmae El M.: Stay true to yourself and stick to your dreams.

What are your social media links?

Asmae El M.: