Marci Weis Exclusive Interview – ‘Quitting Is Not An Option’
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Marci Weis was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Marci Weis As Cover Story – August 2023 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

I’ve been known as Marci the POS credit card lady for 35 years, but that tag seems to now be getting longer legs since launching InovateForward, LLC & my sports fans app MyTeamSports.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember?

I think I was born an old soul. I’ve always been very involved in business & entrepreneurial. Actually, I’m kind of now called the espresso entrepreneur, because of my love of espresso.. I even collect espresso cups from my travels.

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

Well, we all go through struggles, each in our own way. I’ve always been very creative – I started writing guitar & piano music at 12 & poetry. I’ve always been very passionate & focused that on developing business ideas to help being people & communities together. Suffering though the pain of putting tremendous emotional & physical energy into starting 5 companies and seeing them all be less than overwhelming successes, takes its toll. But the excitement of beginning my newest 2 ventures & seeing the initial response, has made it all worthwhile.

What do people usually not know about you?

I was really very introverted until Thanksgiving ’23 when I was sort of brought out of hiding from 2 years during the pandemic.

What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry and in life?

My candor, passion, bottom-line honesty in an industry known for its bullshit & dishonesty. My unending energy, determination, & absolute belief, that I am here for a higher purpose. But also my very strong awareness that to those who are truly blessed by the universe much is expected.

What are your upcoming major events?

No knowing. I get up every morning being overwhelmingly grateful & consciously asking to be lead, & committed to follow that lead.

What are your food preferences and physical attributes?

I’ve always followed alternative health paths: acupuncture, taking natural supplements. And I totally credit my amazing recovery from tremendous depression for 2 years as a result of the Covid-19 effect on the world, to olive oil & master blend mushrooms powder in bone broth daily.

Your love life, relationships and family?

Married to my partner of 23 years & whitevEnglish Golden Retriever – Luca.

What expert advice would you like to give?

Always practice the two ears-one mouth rule & never, never, never give up. Quitting is not an option.

Your social media handles and website links?

Hmm have to check on those:

FB/Instagram/LinkedIn as Marci Weis