Lina Shuang Zheng: A Beautiful Chinese Medicine Doctor and And Fashion Model
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Lina Shuang Zheng is a Chinese medicine doctor. She is also an amateur model. She has immigrated to Canada for almost 22 years now. Lina Shuang currently runs two clinics.

Lina Shuang Zheng: An Amateur Model

She has been an amateur model for almost 6 years. She grew up in a happy family. Both of her parents are senior engineers. 

Confident and Self Improving: Lina Shuang Zheng

Lina Zheng has lived in four countries. So, she learned a variety of languages ​​and cultures. She is not only confident, self-improving, but also always learning new things.

Lina faced difficulties at the beginning of the clinic. However, she wanted to be a fashion model. She wants to participate in shows all over the world.

Lina Zheng’s Family 

Her family consists of her loving husband and a daughter and son. Lina Zheng’s husband loves her very much.

Her daughter is a pediatrician. She also has a son who is a college student. She participates in fashion shows around the world. 

Modeling Profile of Lina Shuang Zheng

Name: Lina Zheng

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 125LB

Burst: 36

Waist: 28

Hip: 38

Dress size: 4

Shoe size: 9

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Nationality: Canadian

Tattoo: No

Experience: Yes

Social Media Links

Wants to get connected with her, you can via:

Facebook: LinaShuangZheng

Instagram: shuanglinazheng