Joshua Allen Exclusive Interview – ‘Always Aim To Make People Feel Better’
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Joshua Allen was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with Mr. Joshua.

How do you introduce yourself?

Joshua Allen: For me, first impressions are Important as I want people to WANT to get to know me opposed to HAVING to get to know me. As for profession. I feel that you work for the enjoyment you get, not what it pays. This allows you to give 100% into what you do, which I believe I have now found.

How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things do you remember?

Joshua Allen: I’ve never felt like I’ve changed as a person thought my life, I only feel I’ve gotten more intelligent and aware about things. I’ve always enjoyed making people happy and I will always enjoy doing that. Most of my good and bad experiences are from friendships and family, however those memories are all meaningful. Having good friends and spending as much time with your family is the best thing you can do in life.

Struggle – What hardships have you faced during your life?

Joshua Allen: I think the hardest struggle I’ve had to face in life is carrying on with passed family and friends who have faded away. To me, friends and family are the most important thing. I get so attached to people and when I lose that attachment it causes me to feel lost and unsure of choices and decisions I made/make.

What things people usually do not know about you?

Joshua Allen: At first I can be seen as shy within a group of people but when you get to know me, I am the greatest most honest friend they have. I always aim to make people feel better and try to give advice whenever I can. I get so much happiness from making someone feel better and good about themselves.

What make you unique from your competitors in the industry and life?

Joshua Allen: What I believe is unique about me, is me being me. I feel that because of who I am, once I start to work with different people, they will want to work with my, not because I may be better than someone else but because they want me to work for them because of my personality! I can always connect with people no matter what their background is.

What are your major upcoming events?

Joshua Allen: I haven’t received any jobs yet but when I get my first one that will be the start of the unforgettable moments!

What are your diet preference and physical measurements?

Joshua Allen: I have no diet preferences. I eat all food expect certain nuts due to an allergy.