Fran Capo Exclusive Interview – ‘The Key To Great Relationships Is To Laugh A Lot’
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Fran Capo was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Fran Capo As Cover Story Interview – August 2023

How do you introduce yourself?

I introduce myself with love, curiosity for life and a lot of energy… but as far as accomplishments, here they goes:

Fran Capo is a 10-time World Record holder, most known as the Guinness Book of World’s Fastest Talking Woman at 603.32 WPM. She’s a 30 year comedienne veteran with a very down to earth, tell it like it is approach. She’s also an actress, 21-time author, ordained minister, motivational speaker, producer and adventurer who has dove with sharks, eaten fire, bungee jumped, climbed Kilimanjaro, one of only 250 people in the world to have gone down to the Titanic and became the first woman in history to zipline into an active volcano.  

She’s appeared on over 500 TV and 4500 radio shows including:  ABC World News (June 20, 2023), Access Hollywood with Mario Lopez, Larry King Live, The Talk, Nick at Nite and AGT. She’s been written up in hundreds of Magazines most recently: On the Cover of Nature Coast and on Florida Woman Magazine and in Yahoo News. She is the podcast host of “Fran’s World”, CBS’s “Live it Up” adventure correspondent, performs a one-woman show, “Love, Laughter and Light” and has entertained our troops on every continent. During her TedX talk entitled, “How a World Record Mindset can help you accomplish anything” she broke a world record live on the stage. Fran has been elected into the National Comedy Hall of Fame and sold out her one woman show, “Love, Laughter and Light” numerous times. For more information or to see videos go to FranCapo.com.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember?

Both of my parents, Rose and Frank were blue collar middle class. I was born in Greenwich village, but grew up in Queens New York. (I only moved to Florida in 2021.)

My mom, Rose was a teacher’s assistant, and my dad was in construction. (Both unfortunately have gone back to be with their maker too soon. I’m of Italian (Naples) Spanish (from Spain) and French (no clue where, lol) descent.

I was lucky enough that my mom taught me, “Nothing is Impossible” and my dad taught me “To always find the humor in life.” So if I did something and it worked, it became part of my motivational speaking and if not, it became part of my standup comedy. Win-Win for all. With those two mindsets instilled in me, I was able to tackle anything. And we had a lot to tackle one of which was that our house burned down when I was 5 and we lived in the Whitman hotel for months till a new house was built. Wasn’t too bad because at 5 I got to become friends with the nightly entertainment at the hotel.

I was a dean’s list student at Queens College, and actually never missed a day of school since kindergarten and that was only because of the measles and chicken pox.
The reason was I have a thirst for learning about anything and everything.

I remember one year in middle school we had to “teach” a class on any subject we wanted. My mom suggested I teach it on “White Witchcraft” today it’s called Wicca. The kids thought I was nuts, I just told them they weren’t open minded, and if they weren’t careful I’d cast a spell on them. LOL.

I wasn’t a nerd, but I always would stand up for the outcasts in the school. I was a tough kid, my nickname was Crusher Capo, because I would defend anybody or anything that couldn’t defend itself. Mind you, I’m only 5’2” but I didn’t care, kind of like a Chihuahua.

When I was in 12, I got beat up by 10 teenagers in a summer school program. My parents enrolled me in Kempo Karate so I could defend myself. I was the only girl then allowed to spar with the boys. (BTW my dad at one point was a Golden Glove Boxer, he also taught me how to punch.) I found out years later that he also had a little talk with the kid’s parents and I was never bothered again. Did I mention that my dad told me to write a book about his life on his death bed? It’s called, “Almost a Wise Guy” because he had one brother a highly decorated police officer and the other one who was in the mob…my dad was like a Rocky, “collection agency” and did spend some time in jail for scamming Vegas.

I was sweet 16 and never kissed, not because boys didn’t go after me, because I felt I didn’t want to be used by anyone or be easy. I felt it was more important to be open minded rather than open legged. I had the attitude if you like me great, if not, no problem.

My mom instilled a great confidence in me, she said, “You be your own judge of you, never let anyone else put a label on you. And never be a follower, think things through, research what people tell you, and then make your own decision. Don’t regurgitate what you hear on the news or by people. You have a brain, use it wisely.” My mom was a wise soul.

I also was made fun of because I didn’t smoke or even try pot. But I didn’t care. When kids said, “Everyone is doing it.” I said, “That’s exactly why I am NOT doing it, I don’t want to be just like everyone else.” I laughed as kids tried to con me into trying it.

The transition for me in adulthood was smooth as I see it. Something came up you face it. Never have a victim mentality. Things happen, deal with it.  

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

To name a few:
House burned down at 5
Beat up by 10 teenagers.
Robbed at gunpoint 3 times (2x at job, once at home while I was pregnant)
Robbed at Knifepoint once. (in the NYC subway as a teen)
(At this point you may say, where the hell did she live! LOL, Jamaica Queens.)

Was the caretaker for my mom and dad when they both had cancer.
My son almost died of a burst appendix.
Owned a house, had tenants that refused to move or pay when I wanted to sell it
Had a lunatic alcoholic stepfather who shot off his arm to avoid going in the service and would shave his hair into a Mohonk when he was drunk. You know cheery times

But never had a defeatist attitude, everyone has things that happen. It’s how you face them head on that makes you a winner. I’ve fought cases pro-se, I’ve rescued animals, I’ve helped people on their death bed, you do what you have to do with love and determination and you will succeed in life.

I’ve had a great life, those were minor bumps in the road.

What do people usually not know about you?

That I am more than a fast talker. That I’m also a TEDx motivational speaker and broke a world record on the TEDx stage with my talk, “How a world Record mindset can help you accomplish anything.
That I’m about to become a FranMa in September.
That I’m trekking into the Vietnam jungle in Vietnam to go into the world’s largest cave with my friend Barbara Noyes.
That I was the EZ Mop girl.
I was the voice on the Perdue Short cuts commercial.
I so a lot of Voiceover work.
That my scream once killed a roach.
That cranberry juice gets me drunk.
That my wonderful husband Steve and I had knives thrown at us at our wedding…on purpose by Throwdini the world’s fastest knife thrower.
That I hate garlic and onions.
That I am also a hypnotherapist and have two free mindset meditations available on my website for people as a gift that can motivate and calm them at the same time.

What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry and in life?

Well, when you hold a world record you are number one and at the top of your game.
I hold 10 world records (none of which I initially sort out to do, but opportunity came and I grabbed it with my “Just say yes!” principle.
-World’s fastest talking woman twice.(2 records)
-Booksigning at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro
-Booksigning at the wreck of the Titanic
-First women to Zipline into an active volcano
-Tedx talk in 18 minutes, redid it in under a minute.
-Saw 21,525 patients in two days with Chiromission
“Adventure Girl” song (u theme song, from concept to national airplay in 2 days.

The last two were group world records.

The thing is I don’t worry about my competitors. They are in their own lane. I just need to focus on doing the best in my lane, my way, with my own moral ethic and drive. It’s never good to win if you cheat, or put down the other competitor.
It’s not a race against someone else, it’s a journey of me being the best me I can be.
Don’t take the easy way out.

What are your upcoming major events?

Unfortunately with the SAG-AFTRA on strike things are on hold now.

I’m Working on my 22nd book (not titled yet) on the funny stories IN my life, not the story OF my life. Will be looking for a publisher so if you know anyone.

Sample stories in the new book:
I was a teenage hotdog vendor
How I wound up in Tom Jones Green Room.
How a staircase led me to David Bowie
How I insulted the Prince of Bahrain
How I was a Chef for a Hamster…etc.

April 2024, trekking into the Vietnam Jungle (One major news station already wants to cover the event.) And many more adventures as that is one of the three biggest thrills in my life: Motivating and making people laugh, Spending time with my Husband and Son, and doing wild adventures.

Becoming a FranMa to my first grandson in Sept.

What are your food preferences and physical attributes?

I’m gluten free….but I do love pizza, and half popped popcorn.
I also love PF changes Mongolian Beef and BBQ ribs with corn on the cob.
Have a sweet tooth and I do bake these delicious Carob Chip Gluten Free Organic cookies that I call, “Frannies Delites”, also love protein shakes.
Your love life, relationships and family?

Have a wonderful husband Steve, (This is my 3rd marriage). Been dating since 2000. Got married in 2016 (when I finally felt I knew him ) What’s the rush?
Had a fabulous wedding. My son Spencer was the best man and gave a hilarious speech on how we met, when I thought Steve’s arm was his butt!

Steve was delivered to the alter by a NYC cop (a childhood friend of his) in handcuffs, I pretended I didn’t have the key to get him out. My minister (Throwdini) got him out with a bobbie pin. Then when they announced us coming out for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. I had the DJ say, “Ladies and Gentlemen we just found out Fran and Steve took out life insurance policies against each other, and they hired a hit man and it’s the minister. Then he threw knives at us as we had our backs against a board. Then I had my comic friend, Nancy Lombardo dress as a nun and pretend to stop the wedding, “Stop they’ve been living in sin for 6 years”
“Too late sister we’re married.”
Then I had another comic friend, Gemini put a ventriloquist mask on Steve and made him talk. Finally my friend Dale delivered his Key Lime Pie in a ridiculous chef outfit, my friend Carson taught everyone to bend Spoons with their minds and we fooled the wait staff and myy friend George Bettinger (RIP) emceed the whole event.

We have a fantastic marriage, sure we fight here and there, but we find ways to laugh it off. We let each other be who we are – no restrictions.

Have a fantastic relationship with my son, Spencer, we talk every night about everything from business ideas, to world events, to daily happenings to hypothetical situations.

What expert advice would you like to give?

The key to great relationships is to laugh a lot, don’t take things too seriously. Look at it from the other persons point of view, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind if something is bothering you but do it in a good way, not hurtful. I also write things in a journal to work out my thoughts.

The key to staying happy is to always have something to look forward to…boredom kills and makes people lose enthusiasm. View the world with adult responsibility but with the wonderment of a child. Never talk about your age. Age does not define us, but state of mind does. Hence, I always say I’m 37 till I’m 97 and stickin to it.

One of my main mindsets in life is “Just say yes and figure it out later.”
I have my 7 world record mindsets that I used to accomplish all my goals. I tell them through funny stories my TEDX talk, I would love your readers to check it out on my website. Also I have written many books filled with cool information and humor your audience can find them on my website as well and I would be happy to autograph them.
My three favorite of the ones I wrote is, “Almost a Wise Guy” (the comic crime novel about my dads’s life), “Adrenaline Adventures” (50 different adventures you can do in a day or weekend told in first person accounts), and “Hopeville:The City of Light” (a book that was channeled to me at 4 am in the morning and contains the 44 secrets of happiness.)


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