Eve Richards Exclusive Interview – ‘Surround Yourself With Positive People’
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Eve Richards was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with Eve.

Fashion Influencer & Actress Eve Richards As Cover Story – August 2023

Actress Eve Richards is a Los Angeles-based actor, fashion stylist and marketing professional, with a flair for fashion and a dedication for helping women to achieve a positive self image. Richards states, “Acting is a marathon, not a sprint; nothing comes easily.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember? 

I had a wonderful upbringing with two very smart and loving  parents. My mother was a Judge and my dad an Attorney. While they wanted me to pursue law, they encouraged me to pursue whatever field l was passionate about. I was born in London, grew up in several different cities and countries. 

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

My mother passed away unexpectedly, l was traumatized by this experience. This was the most difficult and  challenging experience in my life. I never thought l would overcome grief, it was a struggle; nonetheless, l believed in God, my friends and family who supported me along with exercising consistently, meditating and doing acupuncture. 

What do people usually not know about you? 

Most people who know me think l cannot ride a bike or hike because they never get to see me in flats, so they are pleasantly shocked to see that l workout a lot and enjoy bike riding.

What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry and in life?

I am hard-working, and I understand the dedication and effort needed to succeed in this industry, so I’m committed to putting my time and energy in it to excel as a working actress. I’m fully aware that success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become an accomplished actress.”

What are your upcoming major events – Unforgettable Moments or products/services that you want to promote/inform? 

I am working on a play, A Streetcar Named Desire, playing the role of the nurse/strange woman. Additionally, I am collaborating with ONEST Network, a free global streaming service as a fashion expert and various brands to create valuable content for a global audience while authentically recommending a product or service to make their lives even better! 

A Streetcar Named Desire is directed by Steve Jarrad. It runs from Sept. 3-Oct. 1 Fri/Sat at 8PM, Sun at 7PM at The Sherry Theater, 11052 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 Reservations: 323-860-6569.

Who would you like to thank? 

First, I would like to thank my mother who has inspired me and has supported me throughout my ups and downs. She also never doubted I could do it, and was the wings beneath my wings.

Secondly, I would like to thank my father whose strict discipline has helped me become a better person since I was younger. Even though he wanted me to become a lawyer, he still supported me because he knew this was what would make me happy and fulfilled. He also gave great advice whenever I needed it. He was my rock and shoulder to lean on when I felt too tired to continue.

I would also like to thank my brother, Ntang and his wife Myriam and my nieces and nephews for believing in me, my family members, Linda, Jay for being one of my biggest cheerleaders, Susan, Felix, Wendy, Aunty Grace, MJ for always believing in me, the list is very long. But l also want to thank my supportive friends Maureen who is in the Bay Area but always there to listen and fly to LA when l need someone to talk to, MaryRose, Patience, Sylvia, Mary who l got to know when l was studying at Shari Carlson Studio in San Francisco, their constant cheers of encouragement brought tears of joy whenever I felt lonely.

Most of them were there when l needed to rehearse for auditions, and they were the first ones to defend me whenever someone tried to criticize me or make me feel less of a person. They kept me going and strengthened my faith in myself because they never got tired of believing in me. Likewise, they are also my worst (in a good way) and meanest critics! *laughs* But I know that they love me no matter what because they often tell me what I needed to hear.

Additionally, I also want to thank my cousin Ranx who has been in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember. Having him by my side and knowing that he understands where I am coming from has helped me put more trust in my abilities. He always gives me tips on how to cope better in this demanding career and I know I always have his back wherever, whenever needed.

I am currently training at ZA Studio in Los Angeles. My coaches Peter Allas and Robert Zimmerman deserve the credit. They continue to push me to be a great performer. Finally, I would like to express my undying gratitude to other family members, friends, and actors in my acting class especially Joan Powers, l have gotten to know and consider her a friend, they have expressed their belief and support in me. In the end, I feel very fortunate that I have met these people who are family to me.

No matter how far we are from each other, I know that they are loyal and sincere people I can trust when everyone else may have gone tired of me or has turned their backs on me. I feel confident that they will always be there even if I am no longer in this industry or profession because they are the people I trust, love and will treasure for the rest of my life.

What advice would you like to give?

It is no secret that it is difficult to find “true” friends in this industry. However, it is not impossible. It is really important to be careful who you trust and do not get involved in controversies. Surround yourself with positive people and stay humble. Just stay true to who you really are and the rest will follow. Additionally, the entertainment industry is a numbers game but don’t be discouraged because it can be difficult to land a job.

Sometimes, you can apply for a hundred auditions but only get a call for one (or none at all). Do not lose faith; do not get jealous over the success of colleagues; and make every audition, success and failure a lesson to learn from. Never to quit, especially if you believe this career is truly your calling. Also, continue to seek for opportunities to help you grow and develop as an artist. Lastly, no matter what happens, never forget your family and true friends.

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