Enkhula Exclusive Interview – ‘Either Chase Your Dreams or Wait For Your Dreams To Happen’
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Enkhula was recently interviewed by TheCelebrity.Online and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

How do you introduce yourself and profession?

Enkhula: Hey! My name Enkhula and I am full time student. I’m in last year of my college, studying applied science and I am big fan of fashion culture and industry. I want to delve my interest deeper into modelling, finding new outfits, plan a project, draw the clothes and meet new people who shares the same thing too.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things you remember?

Enkhula: Going from childhood to adulthood is a big change. This is part of the process where you will have to learn and adapt the new changes that is happening around your life. I had to learn so many new things and I struggled finding my exact dream job since there are so many options out there and it was very hard for me to try and focus and pick one job to live on. There is amazing things that happened in my childhood to teenage hood where I picked my talent in art. I learnt a lot that art is used to express the language without words.

Struggle – What hardships you faced during your life?

Enkhula: There weren’t many hardship I had to face but mostly I had to face failure. Like failing at test, or failing to achieve what you desire. There’s always gonna be an obstacle that you have to go through in lifetime and of course everyone at least failed at something once or more. If you faced your failures and mistakes, you will learn from it. This is where success comes along when you finally realise why there a failure in our life. I did got upset with failing to attempt a best grade but now I’m happy with my predicted grade of DDD [distinction] from my college, applied science course. It takes time and patience to wait for something good to happen. I just try and try over again with my study until I get best grades. It like having to climb up the mountain to see a best view.

Things that people usually don’t know about you?

Enkhula: Not many people knows that I was invited to Buckingham palace to draw inside and met King Charles with Camilla. Very few young artist gets the opportunity to meet King Charles and do drawing of the models inside the Buckingham palace. The workshop started at 5 till 9pm. It was a great night. People be wondering how did I actually got a invitation letter. Well, I went to art club called ‘Royal Drawing School’ and turns out King Charles is the founder of Royal Drawing School club. I joined there and study there for 5 years, from age 11 till 16. During those years, my artwork got exhibited twice in Shoreditch Gallery in 2017 and 2019 where one of my artwork got sold inside the gallery.
I was given an opportunity to be an art teach as part of voluntary work which was new and I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to teach young children about art.

What makes you unique from your competitors in the industry and life?

Enkhula: I wouldn’t say there only one specific unique or successful person in this world. Every single individuals are born and made to be different. For me personally, I feel like I have a lot to share with you guys as I am opened minded person and want to show what I discovered about this world. I wanna share my experience, help and guide people to the right path. I’m just being myself and that what makes it more important. Be the best version of yourself. There should be no one judging your character.

What are the major Upcoming Events & Unforgettable Moments or products/services that you want to promote/inform our readers about?

Enkhula: I was planning to start a fashion line soon and it not easy since it will take some time and effort to start a proper big fashion business. I really want to start with my own perfume and lipstick brand because my dream job is to be an entrepreneur of my own fashion brand in future. I hope it goes well. Although I started drawing some dresses for runaway ideas based on ocean theme where the project will be aiming to save water pollution so the models would be walking on stage filled with little depth of water and will be wearing ocean blue, unique stylish outfit. It part of my idea and my business will be named as ‘De Luna’. I will see how it goes later on.

What are your diet preferences, physical appearance, sizes and measurements?

Enkhula: I like home workout as I’m already focusing on getting an outline of abs. I prefer homework since there no distraction and there more time to focus on yourself. For the diet preference, I eat anything!

There no restriction for me however sea food is great especially fish, they help your digestive system. Currently I’m 5’6 tall, i played basketball which kinda gave me a height boost.

What Expert Advice would you like to share with the readers about professional and social field of life?

Enkhula: I want to let everyone know that we only live once in earth. It is controversial to talk about it but it is important to keep in mind that it is worth trying something even you think you will never get a chance. You were given a chance to live in this earth and explore around. There are so many things to do out there. Either chase your dreams or wait for your dreams to happen. Not everyone gets what they want but it okay, still be supportive and help other people out because it will mean a lot to them. Everyone has rights to choose what kind of life they want to live in or what kind of person they want to be. They are living in their life and trying to enjoy it before it ends so allow them to be what they want to be. I keep hearing a lot from my friends that their parents is really restricting their lives and their opportunity, not just parents but teachers, friends, and other people who is trying to stop them doing what they want is 100% wrong. Let them be, you just focus on you, not them. That is all it matters. Manifest and claim positive energy!

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