Rendani Hilda Ntsieni Exclusive Interview – ‘Change Only Comes With The Will’
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Rendani Hilda Ntsieni is a lovely and talented young woman who act, do modeling, and perform on stage. TheCelebrity.Online has recently interviewed this amazing figure for the cover story feature. Below is the Q&A session we had with Ms. Rendani.

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni As Cover Story Interview Feature – TheCelebrity.Online January 2023 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: My name is Rendani Hilda Ntsieni born on the 6th of September 1992 from the township called Thohoyando known as Miluwani ( Thondoni Street). Born from a family of seven(7), four Boys and three girls and I’m the last youngest girl then come my brother whose the last born. Started my primary school at Makwarela Primary school, the. Went to Mbilwi Secondary School further my Tertiary institution with the University of Venda in Limpopo Province.

How was the transition from your childhood into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things do you remember?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: My childhood was amazing,  reused by two loving Parents, mom working in the University of Venda Catering and my Dad working in the Department of Labour, both my parents did they level best to give us the special and wonderful life, we lacked nothing, they loved us unconditionally till when our Father got ill from Kidney Failure

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences,  in 2015 which was a hard year for me because I lost my Dad during my Graduation season, suffered from Kidney Failure, had a bad year losing my best friend and my hero. My Queen Mother had to take a role of being a father and a mother which wasn’t easy for her but through it all she managed to keep is in one unity.

In 2016 started My Modeling career and Acting, got my first shoot in Muvhango, then shifted to Modeling with Thavhani Mall Fashion Show, Nandoni Show then moved to IMTA, 33 and me talent Agency for international Showcase due to financial issues didn’t manage to continue with. 2017 then joined Dj Modeling Agency in which I did alot of extras, such as Protex soap, Hollywood bet that was the best experience for me. 2019 then got my first Job as Environmental Officer in the company I’m still with today Buzaphi Construction.

What things people usually do not know about you?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: I’m a story writer, the is some short stories I’m busy with with the help of Andrew my Assistance,will soon be ready, I love my own space, private individual,I cook like magic which most people don’t know of.

What make you unique from others?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: The is only one Rendani whose Unique, I’m a born talented young woman for acting, Modeling, and performance on stage. Just as the Bible says the creator knew me before I was born, I also have my own Motto ”All is Well ” no matter the struggles light will break forth.

What are your major upcoming events?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: Venturing more on my own company  plus the shirt storied I’m busy with which is my coral focus.

What are your diet preference and physical measurements?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: Every meal must start with a cup of water and end with a cup of water. No matter what special menu we have Water is essential of our being, we need it for daily activities.

Every meal must start with a cup of water and end with a cup of water.

No matter what special menu we have Water is essential of our being, we need it for daily activities.Water water Water.

What expert advice would you like to share?

Rendani Hilda Ntsieni: The starting point seems hard till one steps to the second step, that’s all one needs to grab that second step only start with the first step. Change only comes when one is willing to adapt to change.