Relationship Advice Valentines 2022 – By Love Mentor ‘Asta Jakubson’
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I want to make sure you are spending your time with the right person this Valentine’s Day by getting to know yourself first with a FREE Gift from me!

Asta Jakubson’s “Believe in love again” Mantra

But how many of you really know who you are? How can you make sure that you are not wasting time & money on dating sites if you don’t even know who actually suits you?

Are you the person who achieved everything in your career & have no time for your personal love life? I know exactly how you feel! I was the same! And, I know what my life looked like before I learned the secrets that I am about to reveal to you. I was raised by my parents to always put others first.

Self-love felt selfish to me & setting time aside for it made me feel really guilty plus I struggled to find the time to do it! I was running around constantly with no time for myself, running two businesses just to pay bills, basically chasing my tail!  Coming home to a big empty house & falling into bed tired & alone!  I had no man in my life to have my morning coffee with!

You must know how much you need!

I know now how much I needed self-love but I was never taught self-love in school or at home.  Also, I later learned that if you want to attract the best person who truly suits you, you have to be willing to invest in yourself first! 

“Investing in yourself is our foundation, it’s like the floor in our house. If it is not finished or if it is shaky we fall through it”

The moment I started to work on myself & practice self love, things began to magically fall into place!  For you to create self -love for yourself you have to understand your needs! After only 2 months of really working on my dreams & on myself, I attracted  the man of my dreams, my business took off & I won over 4 awards in just one year! I became a royal magnetizer! I learned how to attract all of this abundance into my life & how to be grateful for it!

This Valentine’s day my gift to you is a FREE masterclass revealing the secrets of how to turn your dreams into a reality just like I did BUT take this quiz first to make sure you know who really suits you & how to attract them!!

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