MELE: American Tongan Artist Reaching New Heights In 2023 – Exclusive Interview
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Based in Los Angeles, California, MELE, is a talented multi-hyphenated American-Tongan artist and singer whose music can be described as old and new music genres colliding into one to create a unique sound in the music industry. She welcomes us into her Queendom and  brings us on a journey where she shows us how to overcome heartbreak and the difficulties she faced in her life. MELE has shared her heartfelt music which has now become a positive movement for her fans to enjoy. Born in the tough streets of North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania she has experienced many challenges from being a young mom to learning hard life lessons, yet she managed to overcome and stride for greatness. Mele grew up and eventually moved to Sacramento, California where her and her family have been back and forth living. So started pursuing  a better education and is currently enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School. She signed on to the student showcase which was hosted by Shanny Slay and performed her latest single “Green Light” which is available everywhere to stream.  She also is taking guitar lessons, writing songs and producing music as well.  She has her own record label Tongan Royalty Entertainment, LLC  and her Queendom is looking to grow strong and in pursuit of finding trusted individuals who are passionate about their art. 

Mele is working on her visual and upcoming EP. Mele stars are very bright and have so much to show the world. You can follow Mele journey on IG and Tiktok Melemusixx

MELE As Cover Story – TheCelebrity.Online Magazine November 2023 Edition

Please share your background. 

My name is Mele, but my stage name is MELEMUSIXX. I am a Tongan American Entertainer which consists of me singing, rapping, songwriting and producing. I’m very proud to be the first-generation entrepreneur in my family.

I was born in the rough streets of North Philadelphia and later in my childhood moved to the Bay Area where my parents later settled in the Capital of California, Sacramento. I grew up with family members who were in the church choir and although I did not start singing in a church, I was always inspired by those who used their gifts. (My cousins had beautiful voices!) I was a very shy kid, but I always ended up making friends everywhere I went. I was a big sports girl at first. A big tomgirl and always was running with the boys. I played soccer and basketball, but basketball was where I felt I could be me and everything that I was going through I took it out on the court. I was in love with the hustle and the teamwork of being on a team.

Being the second oldest out of five children, I always felt the need to provide and protect my younger siblings and anybody around me who I love. Music didn’t come to me until I noticed I was good at listening to a beat and coming up with rhymes. I didn’t take it seriously until I had my first heartbreak where I became a single mother. I noticed I started writing more rhymes, writing a lot in my notebook. I started to write down manifestations that later slowly I realized it was coming to life. My reality started shifting to music. When I first went into my homie’s studio back in 2013, I made my first song which was a collaboration with my NBA friend that was a rendition of Dj Khaled’s, “Hold You Down” featuring Future and Chris Brown. (You can find it on SoundCloud lol) Ever since then I believed in myself, my voice, and I kept on writing and producing my own songs since then. I kept creating but never showcased them because I learned the music business part and if I wanted to take my craft seriously, I needed to level up my knowledge and strengthen my background. 

I decided to do what was best for me and my son and I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2017 and I haven’t left since. I wanted to focus solely on us because I found myself always taking care of those around me and I didn’t want to get caught up on providing when I am not happy or focused on me and my son. Yes, I took a big risk as a single mother and moved both of us out of Sacramento and I began living the traditional route. I tried to finish school for nursing and working a full-time job that barely paid the expenses in LA. I was broken and trying to focus on my son. That life became harder as Nursing wasn’t my passion. I felt the universe kept pushing me back to music and producing my own songs. I didn’t realize that I had to go through certain things to Grow through it. My struggles turned into something beautiful when I figured out how to write and record my own songs. I kept going! My life had a ton of hardships but my faith in God never prevailed. I kept leaning on him to show me the path he wanted from me and yet again, it always turned to music. Whether it was me singing or meeting those who were in the industry, I had to listen to HIM. He knew what I needed to see, hear, and felt at the time and that’s when I decided to act upon his decisions on me. March 2023, I dropped everything and said to myself that I am 110% completely doing music for me and my son. I have not looked back or changed my goals. I am coming because it is a Greenlight for me, for my people and I want to show the world that. My new single is called, “Greenlight” where I turned my beauty into pain. I write all my lyrics with a little inspiration from others, but my verses, hooks, bars are all me. I am learning how to produce my own beats in hopes of Tongan Royalty Entertainment to be a success and to set the foundation as a Record & Entertainment Business.

Childhood to Adulthood – How was your transition from childhood to adulthood and what are the bad and good things you remember? 

My childhood living in Philly was the best. On the East Coast growing up, we got to experience all four seasons which we celebrated with family all year round. My mom put me and my older sister in Catholic school where we were taught Catholicism. Outside of school we lived in the roughest parts of Philly and that was on the Northside. North Philly was no joke, I witnessed gang violence, prostitution, murder, and my family lived right across from a corner store, so our neighborhood was full of street life activities. I have seen it all. It was a tough neighborhood, but it was the best childhood filled with memories from holidays and family events until my parents decided one day to pack up and leave Philly within a day it seems. Just packed up what we could fit on our conversion van and traveled 3,000 miles (about the width of the United States) to California to San Francisco where we lived with my uncle who was a Counselor of Tonga and although it was a glamorous life, at the end of.

Struggle – What hardships have you gone through in life?

My struggles have made me who I am today however, being a single mother and a first-born generation, it has been a long trying road. Being young and the second eldest I have always had this protective shield over my siblings. Being young and witnessing gun violence and gangs at a young age I saw the life I did not want to have. Being bullied in elementary school and being told that I am a girl, and I can’t hang out with the boys or play sports, it made me want to push harder and prove that I CAN do anything I put my mind to. Having a baby at 22 years old and a single mother, I learned to raise my child better and to give him the life I’ve always wanted. Being broke and homeless and chasing my dreams also taught me valuable lessons to keep an optimistic mindset and to push harder for myself, my family, and especially a better and deserving life for my son.

What do people usually not know about you? 

I am full Tongan, and my parents are from the islands of Tonga where we are in the South Pacific Islands. South of the equator, we are the last monarchy in the South Pacific Islands where we have our King and Queen still ruling our people of the island. Being Polynesian we do go through very similar struggles as a minority in America.  

What sets you apart from your competitors in industry and in life?

I am bringing my culture and where I come from to the industry. There are not as many Tongan Artists in the Industry, and I want to bring my people with me and my heritage. I believe that is different and the entire world needs to know what TONGANS are and stand for!

What are your upcoming major events – Unforgettable Moments or products/services that you want to promote/inform? 

I have a couple performance shows lined up and shooting my first ever music video to my new single, “Greenlight” very soon so stay tuned! I am so excited to bring my vision to life and just be the Music Artist I know I can be in this life! 

What are your food preferences and physical attributes?

My momma’s cooking is my food preference, but I do enjoy a good seafood pasta or seafood boil! It is the islander in me for some seafood!

Your love life, relationships and family? 

I have pretty much been in a very toxic relationship, and I am just waiting for my King to come and help rule side by side my Queendom. I have one son who is full of life and so handsome! The most caring and smartest kid I know. George and Mele gave life to 5 beautiful children, and I am the second oldest out of 5. Yes, I am named after my momma!

What expert advice would you like to give?

Don’t ever let anyone dim your light and during those dark trying times, keep on pushing because it is temporary and there is light on the other side of struggles. Keep your faith alive and never GIVE UP ON GOD. He will always answer your prayers and he will provide if you stay on course with hard work and dedication. Keep on hustling towards your dreams! 

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