Buni Milani – This Beautiful Single Mom Is Also An Emerging Entrepreneur
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This Is Buni Milani; A Creative Genius

She does not want to be known as just a musician, or just a model, or just a coder, or entrepreneur. Buni Milani create beautiful things that are all equally important. Buni is a woman who is in charge of every aspect of her career. She foot the bill for every aspect of her career. She is a happily single mom of one girl; Leila Luna.

Buni Milani – From A Restricted Little Girl To A Powerful And Visionary Lady

Buni Milani’s childhood had many restrictions that made no sense to many, but there was nothing she could do about it. Sometimes she was happy, other times Milani wanted to kill herself. She is not sure if that’s normal but it’s the truth. As an adult in her full power, she had no restrictions other than the rules of society. She pride herself on how strong she has become. She is no longer emotional, she know when she is purposely being triggered, and Buni does not has any drama other than the fun kind. The best part of her life now is her lovely daughter. Many times Buni cry about how much she love her daughter. Buni’s daughter is perfect and super cool.

Family is very important to Buni Milani. The only family Buni know is on her mother’s side. They pretty much grew up close together, meaning no one has secrets because everyone thinks everything is their business. They all speak mostly everyday unless Buni is angry about something, but yeah. She understand the meaning of family and why we all need one.

“Nothing Wrong With Being Great At Multiple Things” – Buni Milani

Telling about her struggle of life, Buni told TheCelebrity.Online that the biggest struggle that will no longer be a struggle soon is knowing that there is nothing wrong with being great at multiple things. “People want to make me feel like I’m showing off for helping myself and expecting nothing from others. I know this is not true and I will continue to work with a smile on my face,” she added.

Buni’s passion is being a mom. Her careers are secondary but she love them very much. What she is doing now is what she’ll be doing in ten years, but on a greater scale. Buni cannot do anything just for money. She also need to feel something special about what she is doing.

“Listen To Yourself”

Buni Milani’s Lesson Of Life

When Buni Milani was questioned about her lessons learnt in life, she replied: “The biggest lesson I learned was that everyone can’t know more than I do. I can’t be the only one who knows nothing. Listening to myself has gotten me so far that I’m kind of upset with myself for listening to others so much in the past.

Want to know more about this super lady? Below are is given her official website and her instagram handle for business queries.