Shambhavi Knwar: “I Worked Harder Than Ever Before” – A Story Of Struggle & Success
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Being a girl of a simple middle class family and that too the eldest among all, Shambhavi Knwar grew up with responsibilities and love both. Unlike every other member, Shambhavi Knwar was a silent girl, creative and busy in her own small world of imaginations and reality. Books were her only friends and her diary was her only secret keeper.

Below is the wonderful life story of this hard working indian student who stood against all negativities around her. It is an TheCelebrity’s exclusive interview with Shambhavi Knwar.

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Shambhavi Knwar: “I Motivated Myself In Hard Times”

I had secrets because I never had the habit of sharing- be it with my mom or with any other member of the family. Success never shook hands with me but yet I kept trying. Every single time I cried for my results, reason being the less marks I achieved even after studying so hard, I boosted myself up to do even better the next time and this was the way I proceeded ahead in life and career.

I got to realise that “Hard work pays off” is really apt when I succeeded in scoring the third highest position during my matriculations. From then on, working hard became my habit and eventually the only reason where I stand today. Those were not mere marks that I achieved but the smile on every family member’s face, the pride and shine in my father’s eyes were my biggest achievement. My name and photograph was printed on the newspaper and all I could do was to thank God for this moment.

Growing up with hardships is difficult but it’s not impossible. There was always a ray of positivity within me and henceforth, whenever I fell down, instead of breaking down, I mend up myself. My life changed when after my intermediate I chose my field of interest to be arts rather than science. It is said that one knows his or her capabilities more better than any other around you and I knew that science was not for me.

It would have been a complete wastage of time, effort and money if I go with science to pursue medicals and hence I chose to pursue a bachelor’s in English literature. I knew that was my subject, my field of interest and my area of creativity. Fortunately, I cracked the entrance examination of Banaras Hindu University, one of India’s top university and had 3 years to spend in the city of Varanasi.

That was itself a complete beautiful story to narrate someday later. Those 3 years were the golden days of my life, out of my comfort zone, the city helped me grow, the experiences I had there, the struggles, the achievements all have a place in my heart and shall forever be embedded with love and only love. I wished to pursue my higher studies from the same city but destiny played it’s card and I came back to my native place, Ranchi. Currently, I am about to finish my Post graduation in the same field from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi- again, One of Jharkhand’s top college and India’s top educational institution.

Shambhavi Knwar: I grew up with hardships

This was my story revolving around all kinds of experiences and struggles but still emerging victorious. Being an author, a poet, an editor, a teacher is not at all easy without all these struggles and hardships. I am grateful to them as they all have made me what I am today.

Shambhavi Knwar: “I Was Featured In A Local Newspaper”

Well! There is nobody in the entire universe who do not struggle. If I talk about my struggle it was something different. My struggle started from the day I started working hard. It was just my career that I focussed on. My studies as I said were my only friends and hence I wanted to excel. For everybody I guess it must be a small thing to not get good marks in exams inspite of working hard but for me, they were enough to be called a struggle. I wasn’t a bright student and hence I had to work hard for scoring good marks.

I cried sitting in places nobody knows just because I couldn’t succeed and being a silent girl, secretive, I never shared anything with anybody and that was the reason I kept over thinking and ended up crying. That was the real struggle for success I craved for. Eventually, this success came to me for the first time during my matriculations.

My second stage of struggle began when I was in standard 12. I have always been a girl who thinks of the happiness of others before thinking of herself (not bragging but yes). I have always felt a great level of satiety and happiness within me whenever I have helped others and given them a reason to smile. My father wanted me to be a doctor and pursue medical. For him, I chose science stream during my intermediate from a reputed school in Ranchi. I managed to study every other subject except physics and chemistry.

They were a real pain: I tried my utmost not to fail and somehow succeeded to get passing marks. I was determined to study medicals because my dad wanted to but even after giving my 100%, I could just hit the passing marks in my examinations.

I can still remember how I used to be back to home at 7pm after completing my school and coaching for physics and chemistry.

The third stage of struggle began when I went out of my confort zone. That was a mixed feeling. Excitement and nervousness lingered in my mind when I was seated on the train to head towards varanasi. 3 years was a long time. Attending classes and everything I did, from cultural activities to meeting people and developing myself, looked easy but tough to handle.

There were times when I broke down, cried myself to sleep, didn’t eat because it wasn’t cooked like my mom, had sleepless nights without having a cup of coffee at night like my mom did while I was giving my matriculations. I missed my family, my parents and home. It is not at all easy to stay away from your home.

At first it seems that there is an independence that we get, a sort of freedom but deep down the person living far from one’s comfort zone knows the pain. You have to hide something just to assure that your parents don’t get worried. You have celebrate your birthday without them, festivals when you can’t be there with your family.

“Supporting My Family”

My father was the only earning member supporting 7 of us with everything we ever needed from education to all sorts of necessities. Thinking this, I joined a dance class being an aerobics trainer and dance teacher to make out some money to ease the burden of my father. I used to keep just 400 in my pocket for my extra expenses and the rest I made out by choreographies I did. There were some moments that remained as a nightmare for entire life and some that are safeguarded in the list of best moments that can never happen again.

Real struggle starts when you hit adulthood and so was with me. I started feeling the pressure of earning as well as my studies. Pursuing my masters, I published my first poetry book and after a couple of months, I published an ebook.

Both were not a huge success but it was liked and appreciated by my colleagues and professors and everyone in my family as I was the only one who did this. After this, while pursuing my masters, I started looking for earning opportunities as a part time occupation.

Having gained so many experiences in varied fields like editing, content writing, dance, event management etc while I was in varanasi, I started applying for the same fields in various companies and managed to get a part time editing job in a publishing house based in delhi to support my mother since she had no source of income and seeing her asking for everything made me feel broken. I also started taking dmace classes and zumba classes. All these gave me enough for every month and I shall be much grateful to my experiences.

Struggles are a part of life. It is not only me going through them, probably everybody has their own set of struggles and are dealing with it. Mine is just small I believe. But yes! Every struggle has a story to tell. I believe my story might encourage even a few to step out of their comfort zones to develop themselves inside out.

Shambhavi Knwar: “At Times I Decided To Give Up”

This is my favourite thing I guess.. to do anything passionately. I am passionate for three things in my life- to teach, to dance and to write. Being a writer and a poet, I have received much when I see myself back. The chapters in my life has been full of ups and downs but yet I have managed to breathe. There were Times when I decided to give up my life but then, I didn’t because I had to fight. I was always passionate of learning new things and exploring places and I am still the same. Passion is to do anything with your heart and that is what necessary to survive and thrive on today’s world.
For me, my passion lies in learning everyday something new and developing myself apart from writing, dancing and teaching.

“I Am Fortunate To Have A Joint Loving Family”

I live in a joint family comprising of 7 members including me. Every member in my family is different from each other in every aspect- thoughts, actions, behaviour, conduct and so on. Sometimes it becomes difficult to sustain everything with a calm state of mind but then in the end, we all stay together because a family is after all a family. No matter how much differences there are, there is a kind of strong mental and physical support.

We all are a support to each other. I find myself fortunate to be a part of a joint family because that is eventually helping me to learn to deal with all kinds of people- their thoughts and their mindsets. It is indeed making me learn that no matter how hard you try, you cannot change as a person but you can definitely change yourself to deal with them.

Shambhavi Knwar: Lessons Learnt In Life

The list is long! Life does not teach you just one lesson but with every activity, with every failure, we learn a lesson and so I have learnt.

My career and academics have helped me learn that no matter what you should never stop trying nd giving your best. The race should not be left in between because of the hurdles, it should be completed no matter which piace you are running with.

My situations, hardships have made me learn that these are stepping stones towards your destination. You have to have a positive mindset while walking on the path of life. You have to be positive in everything you see. One need to learn and to speak for herself, for every wrong happening to you. There was a time when I was badly molested and caught by a person I trusted, and later found that person did the same with several other girls, I didn’t remain quiet, I chose to speak and did everything I could to make him realize that he was wrong.

This was the moment I learnt to speak up for wrong. This event became a lifetime nightmare for me but I am content and happy that I didn’t remain quiet.

The biggest lesson I have learnt in my life is to be happy and loving, to be kind. This world needs more of kindness, and moreover to be a good human being is all that I have learnt to be.