Olivia Coleman Reveals that Dakota Johnson Got a Tattoo on a Night Out
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Olivia Coleman reveals that Dakota Johnson got a tattoo on a night out in which Coleman and Johnson agreed on Maggie Gallen Hall’s first film, The Lost Daughter.

Olivia Coleman has emerged as one of the leading actresses in showbiz industry. In 2018, Coleman won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Favorite, and since then she has starred in award-winning fiction, such as Flibag or The Crown.

Olivia Coleman’s name translates into a quality guarantee in a film credit and so it is normal that she does not stop receiving job offers. He is now busy promoting his new film The Lost Daughter. He has confirmed in an interview that Dakota Johnson has got her first tattoo.

News of the tattoo first came from Dakota Johnson, who also appears in The Lost Daughter, the film with which Maggie Gallenhal has stepped in to direct. Johnson boasted in Town and Country Magazine that he gave Oliva Coleman his first tattoo during the film’s promotional tour.

Olivia Coleman – A Night While Returning From Hotel

According to Dakota Johnson, one night when he was returning to the hotel from a movie screening at the New York Film Festival, it occurred to him that Dakota Johnson would get a tattoo. The actress justified that people are not behaving normally at the moment and it is normal to dare to do something new when you go to a party a year and a half after the epidemic.

For her part, Olivia Coleman jokingly says that the story Dakota tells is true. Coleman says she believes she was seduced by someone like Dakota Johnson who couldn’t resist getting a tattoo.

Coleman added that, in her opinion, that night she tried to make the actress think that despite her middle age, she was still an adventurer.

However, Olivia Coleman did not say where the tattoo was made or what the skin was. It looks like The Lost Daughter will have a long way to go after winning independent film awards and going through various international festivals.

So, maybe, and if the two actresses get together at more parties, Olivia Coleman might dare get another tattoo, or maybe she’s going to tattoo Dakota Johnson this time.