Jeans – You Should Not Miss These Trends In New Year 2022
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Jeans – You Should Not Miss These Trends In New Year 2022

The first pair of jeans appeared 150 years ago, but it moved into the women’s wardrobe a little later – 70 years ago. Since then, denim has become an integral part of high fashion and mass market. Only the styles, shades and density of the fabric change. This season we recommend wide leg jeans for women, as well as pairs with turn-ups in custom colors and retro styles in the style of the 1970s.

Trends not to be missed in 2021
Nostalgia for the 1970s permeates all modern fashion. However, it is not recommended to copy images of half a century ago. For example, that most popular combination of flared trousers and blouses with a bow. Better to dilute the retro look and make the accent less intrusive. So, let’s start to figure out what kind of fashionable women’s jeans 2021 we need.

Jeans Trends 2022 – Wide and straight

Relaxed cuts and relaxed silhouettes are what fashionistas need this season. Especially if the look has cool wide jeans a la daddy fit.

Straight Jeans

Designers have long understood that men’s clothes look much better on a fragile female figure. The silhouette is free, and the image is mysterious. These items work well with denim shirts , white dress shirts, and T-shirts . You can throw on an oversized jacket on top, and oxfords or rough boots on your feet. A fragile figure, a free silhouette, massive details – what could be better?

Straight blouse with pocket

Wide straight jeans are obliged to wear a belt. It will become both a spectacular accessory and a useful item that will favorably emphasize the waist of its owner. Don’t forget that denim works well for evening outfits if you add pumps and a delicate blouse to it .

Boho style blouse

Jeans Trends 2022 – With gates

Another trendy women’s jeans of 2021 is with a turn-up. Not the freshest, but favorite trend, which remains with us in the future. Street style fans have already tried on models with giant extravagant cuffs and made numerous photos. But if your task is to create a stylish everyday look, we recommend sticking to less flashy options.

For example, stylish jeans with scuffs , which at the same time provide their owners with natural ventilation , remain relevant . On hot summer days, this will not be superfluous.

Blue jeans with frayed

Crop tops, bralets, shirts and blouses will make an ideal pair for such models, and in cold weather – jumpers and turtlenecks. All that remains is to choose the right shoes.

Wide at the top, narrowed at the bottom

Another ultra-popular model is ” bananas “. Designers have been friends with her for several years, and, most likely, not for the last. The product has tucks at the top and bottom, and a loose fit in the middle, as a result of which the very banana effect is created.

Denim banana trousers

If you haven’t reviewed the model yet, here’s what’s good about it:

  • always looks catchy and non-trivial;
  • goes well with any footwear: sneakers, boots, boots, heels;
  • gives absolute comfort and freedom of movement;
  • highlights the waist, especially if your own is not as narrow as you would like;
  • creates seductive hips if yours are too slender.

You can combine them with light blouses, white T-shirts and oversized sweaters . The main thing is not to weigh down the top and avoid layering, as well as baggy silhouettes and bulky details. Sandals, sneakers, ballet flats and loafers are especially good shoes. And do not forget about the contrast: to the large trousers – a small handbag!

Openwork cotton jumper


Take jeans with a length of 7/8 to show off beautiful ankles and fashionable shoes to show off. And it doesn’t matter what style they should be. There are models like culottes with wide legs, and there are tight-fitting options. Both are equally fashionable and beloved.

Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

And if you complement them with an oversized denim jacket , it will be generally great. Moreover, total denim is back in trend, and you should definitely take advantage of this. Photos of street stylers are full of outfits with cropped fashionable women’s jeans 2021.

Oversized denim

In addition to traditional colors, jeans in pastel colors will be in vogue today. These can be very light models with an easily perceptible shade of pink, blue, yellow and green, as well as bright and juicy colors .

Colored jeans

If you think that light and colored jeans are capable of increasing the legs and hips in volume, then you are a little mistaken. This rule does not work in combination with modern spacious cuts. At the same time, choose a voluminous top if you need to balance it with massive hips and legs. And you will have a stylish outfit and harmony to boot!


Another fashion trend that has been popular for several seasons. Almost all jeans that are offered by fashion brands today have a high waistline. It is not necessary to wear a belt. The model itself perfectly focuses on the hips, emphasizing their seductive roundness.

Cropped jeans

Do not forget: the higher the belt, the shorter the top should be. These can be crop tops or bralets, as well as cropped blouses, shirts, jumpers and even bombers. Everything in order to emphasize the silhouette of the “hourglass”. By the way, this combination perfectly masks the extra centimeters at the waist, hips, and helps to increase the required volume in the chest.

Memo to help you recognize trendy denim

There are much more styles and trends offered by modern manufacturers than we have listed. To make it easier for you to navigate the variety and unmistakably recognize “your” trend, we have compiled a small checklist:

High waist

There are only three types of fit: low, medium and high. Low means the jeans end at the same place as the hips. Medium – about 1 cm below the navel. High – strictly at the waist. This is a very conditional division, since each manufacturer has its own idea of ​​planting, and the structure of the human body is unique.

The fashion for women’s jeans 2021 suggests that the fit should be high or medium. The first landing is good because it masks a small tummy and extra centimeters on the hips, drawing attention to the waist. With its help, the legs visually look longer and slimmer. This trend will not be outdated any time soon, so we strongly recommend it.

Less scuffs, more uniformity

To understand what kind of women’s jeans are in fashion in 2021, you need to remember about scuffs, unformed edges and all kinds of gaps. With one small amendment: everything should look natural. This means that extravagant ripped models and overly bleached pants are a thing of the past.

But some designers willingly deviate from the well-established course and release jeans-dumplings, with tie-dye colors, incredible prints. There can be no unambiguous solution to this issue.

Loose fit

Skinny, leggings, bicycles do not go out of fashion permanently. However, today jeans that do not fit the legs of their owner are considered the most relevant. Rather, they resemble men’s clothing that a girl has tried on.

Fashion for free and spacious silhouettes is good because it successfully masks flaws. Skinny and Jeggings make high demands on their owners, and highlight and exaggerate the slightest shortcomings.


This trend has been known for a couple of seasons. However, it does not become outdated, so designers continue to develop the theme of simple but bright decor. It would seem that a couple of lines in front – and basic stylish jeans already look more interesting.

Jeans Trends 2022 – The incisions

Designers are still unsuccessful, but they are still trying to wean the public from scuffs and holes. Now, instead, the denim surface is adorned with neat cuts. A pair on the front and sides can make the outfit more interesting. And remember, it’s best to cut loose jeans, not tight jeans.

Some brands offer vertical cuts at the bottom of the leg. We have already encountered such a solution in the field of classic trousers. Now it has moved into the denim area.

How is this good for us? A small detail lightens the silhouette and visually stretches the legs. However, when choosing it, you need to pay special attention to the shoes. Too dark a pair can cut the silhouette and shorten the legs. Therefore, we recommend light-colored shoes, sandals, boots, boots. And if at the moment there are only dark ones, make sure that the edge of the shoe ends slightly higher than the cut begins. Keep your legs long!

Jeans are found in every basic wardrobe, as are T-shirts and shirts. This is such a relevant thing for girls at any age that it is even embarrassing to call it fashionable. However, this season, the designers have tried their best and presented to the public especially interesting denim models. Want to know more about jeans? Check out the BAON blog often. Here we talk about which jeans are in fashion now, which ones can be discarded and how to combine wardrobe items with each other.