Brandi Sholar: From Homeless To A Best Selling Author – A Story Of Struggle & Success
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To many people, the life of Brandi Sholar is a paragon of excellence and a life-spring of optimism and inspiration. But, it has not always been this way.

Brandi Sholar – A Woman With A Plan Who Fight Back

At some point, she has been homeless with her children, and suffered unfathomable verbal, mental, and physical abuse – challenges that thrashed her fighting spirit, tested her resilience and willpower to the end, and almost drove her to the brink of surrender.

However, armed with strong determination to overcome tribulations and turn her life around, Brandi Sholar rose from the ashes to become a successful entrepreneur, Life Coach, Business Coach, best-selling author on Amazon and Etsy, and an internationally recognized motivational speaker and mentor.

Brandi Is Helping & Motivating People To Accomplish Their Goals

Inspired by her background, she has made it her life’s mission to empower other people to rise above their fears and present challenges and launch them on a path of personal development to achieve self-actualization in different areas of their lives.

As an author, she draw inspiration from her life to write transformative content that uplifts, motivates, and inspires hope in people going through varying challenges in life.

A Never Ending Love For Her Family – Brandi Sholar’s Energy Source

When she is not mentoring and motivating people or crafting ideas for her next book, Brandi Sholar enjoy spending time with her family and meditating to revive her energy.

She is also a lifestyle coach, business coach and an international motivational speaker.

In Memory Of Her Loving Husband – Brandi Sholar Turned Pain Into Purpose

Brandi lost her husband to gun violence and she turn her pain into purpose. She recently released a candle line elevated Elegance Candle co in remembrance of her husband.

From Detroit, Michigan, now Brandi Sholar moved to Houston Texas for new beginnings after her husband passed away. She has setup her income tax office and has an impressive staffing agency.

The CEO Of BrandiTheAuthor.Com

More details about Brandi and her executive services of her company can be found on her official website at BrandiTheAuthor.Com. Moreover, you can contact her via email – Sh**************@gm***.com.